over 500 social networking sites that can bookmarks

Social Services that can “Manage Bookmarks”

Social bookmarking is a way for Internet users to store, organize, share and search bookmarks of web pages. In a social bookmarking system, users save links to web pages that they want to remember and/or share. These bookmarks are usually public, but depending on the service’s features, may be saved privately, shared only with specific people or groups, shared only inside certain networks, or another combination of publicness and privateness. The allowed people can usually view these bookmarks chronologically, by category or tags, via a search engine, or even randomly.

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SEO Tips #4 Sitemap

SEO Tips #4 Sitemap- By including a sitemap, you are showing the user how to quickly and simply find information posted on the site. This sitemap gives you all the information in one area rather than having to click on each page.

A sitemap also has links to all pages of the site and should be placed on the homepage of the site for easy access. This will also help in search engine optimization, which in turn will give you a better ranking for the search engines.

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SEO Tips #3 Title and Description

SEO Tips #3 Title and Description – One area that people overlook or try to shortcut is the Title of a webpage. What is the Title and where is it located? The Title is shown in the upper left corner of the web browser while visiting a page, the title is in the <head> portion of your html code and is very important in your SEO process. The Title < TITLE>< /TITLE> tag tells the search engines what your page is about and it is recommended to have a different title, related to that particular page, on each page of your site. That way the search engine does not skip over the pages and think they are duplicates.

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SEO Tips #2 Unique Content

SEO Tips #2 Unique Content – Content is probably one of the most important factors when developing your website, quality content will keep the traffic coming back again and again. I want to add that content is important but don’t over do it, and what I mean is you want good readable and informative content, you don’t have to re-invent the wheel here. When creating content use your keywords throughout the page and make them bold using the bold html tags <b></b>, but don’t over do it, you may get looked at as spamming. A good practice would be a 2% density. So for example if you had 600 words, you would have around 12 keywords throughout the content. Also take advantage of using the header <h1>, <h2> etc… tags using the most important keywords with <h1> and down to least important.

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SEO Tips #1 Keyword Research

SEO Tips #1 Keyword Research – I had no idea how important keyword research has become, for example as a new person with your first site, let’s say you are promoting skateboards, your first thought would be to use the keyword “skateboards” right? Well that is not the best thing to do because that keyword has entirely to much competition so what you want to do is find a niche in that category like “skateboard trucks” or “skateboard wheels” your chances greatly increase of getting better rankings under a niche product. I would recommend using a keyword tool, there are plenty of them on the internet, one that I use is Google Keyword Tool and do some research, you will be surprised some of the search terms you use will not generate any traffic according to the keyword tool. If you are doing Pay Per Click or PPC campaigns the tool will tell you the average CPC or Cost Per Click, this will help you determine your budget’s for the campaign.

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Save Your Page Rank, Add Nofollow

Link exchange / Backlinks

Link exchange / Backlinks

Link buying and exchanging is a good idea but may be not for the search engines. Got it? well lets take a simple example of blogroll in WordPress. Blogroll is a list of links that may be links of other bloggers, favorite website, link buying or exchanging. Be careful if your website caught by the search engine algorithm as illegal link exchanging scheme (although you may not doing this). So this may cause of dropping your own website page rank (PR). To save you page rank (PR) use “nofollow” to all external website links, here is an example how to use “nofollow”

Link with nofollow attribute: <a href=”#” rel=”nofollow”></a>

How we can add “nofollow” automatically to the Blogroll list of links, we need to modify some code manually in the WordPress source code file. Go to the wp-includes directory of your worpress find the file with the name bookmark-template.php and open it in your favorite editor.

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SEO Techniques – Step by Step to Drive Traffic

Once you have some pages developed for your site – use the following techniques to drive more traffic to your site day by day:

* Search for Article Directories. Write and submit articles to those directories.
* Put a backlink to your site while you write comments on other people’s blogs.
* Go to Yahoo! Answers – Home and Answer people’s questions.
* Sign up on forums as many as you can, have a link to your site in your signature if they allow you to and then Post in those forums.
* Sign up on PRWeb::The Online Visibility Company. Write a press releases and submit.
* Search for some advertising companies on the web & advertise your website in the appropriate category.
* Start setting up a blog on your site & submit that to 100’s of free blog directories on the web.
* Search for some major search engines and manually submit your website to those search engines.
* For a particular keyword or search phrase, optimize each page content of your website.

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Configuring GOOGLE sitemap for web page Index

Configuring google sitemap for web page Index

Google sitemap is for suggesting information to google regarding your website like page imporance and updated web pages.Do it right now and google spiders and robots will follow your suggestion
through google sitemap and it will be XML Format.

Once you have created the google sitemap file, place it on your server and then visit Google Sitemaps to submit your map.

Google site map can be generated by many online free tools.You can find the tool using the keyword “Google sitemap generator” in google search engine.

Once google sitemap XML file is created, upload to your server and then visit google site map address to submit.Google sitemap address can be found here
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SEO Hacking, Think Smart to Protect

We always become silent for at least a second when we hear the word “hacking”. Yes as you know or not, now website and web application are also been hacked for traffics and also for making the competitor penalized with the help of SEO hackers, here it starts with…

SEO hackers are experts in SEO techniques, a real hacker understand SEO Methodology and Search engine algorithm, they mostly apply black hat SEO for functioning, mostly on a small level they will try to insert their links to websites which has high page rank / traffic with hidden links through forms and browser queries and so on

Mostly well know marketing consultants sites are been hacked by feeds, the most used hacking method is redirecting feeds traffic to the hacker blog or website
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Top 8 Bad Search Engine Optimisation Ideas to be Avoided

As we all know search engine algorithm takes more factors in consideration for ranking a web page

Now SEO changed a lot in recent years, techniques followed in 2004 stopped working, then what addressed in 2005 stopped working in 2006, now its 2007 – 2008.Dont worry, here is a set of bad SEO ideas common to all.

To be avoided, if your want to stand long in search engines
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