SEO Tips #2 Unique Content

SEO Tips #2 Unique Content – Content is probably one of the most important factors when developing your website, quality content will keep the traffic coming back again and again. I want to add that content is important but don’t over do it, and what I mean is you want good readable and informative content, you don’t have to re-invent the wheel here. When creating content use your keywords throughout the page and make them bold using the bold html tags <b></b>, but don’t over do it, you may get looked at as spamming. A good practice would be a 2% density. So for example if you had 600 words, you would have around 12 keywords throughout the content. Also take advantage of using the header <h1>, <h2> etc… tags using the most important keywords with <h1> and down to least important.

On your site navigation, if you are using images along with some java script instead of text the search engine bots may not be able to follow your links to other pages. A way around this is to add a site navigation along the bottom of the page using text links and this will in turn Aide the search engines while indexing your pages and it will also increase your anchor text links. The site navigation at the bottom of the page also comes in handy while your scrolling and reading content and keeps you from having to scroll back to the top to use the navigation on the site.

Another important note while creating content is to use links, these links add value to your site, but make sure the links are related to your subject matter. Another SEO Tip, use keywords as your anchor text, for example if you were using a link “” you would want to show it like this <a href=”Domain_goes_here”>Skateboard Wheels</a> so the end user would only see the text and not the link.

While we are discussing links, make sure to use text links vs. image links. The reason is your images usually don’t have relative names that would be useful to a search engine. So if you still have a need for an image link, make sure you use an alt tag and name your image using a keyword like “skatboardwheels.jpg” instead of “picture01.jpg”.

An excellent way to build content on your site is to use Articles. What makes Articles so appealing is the fact that you can link back to your site from the article and create a quality back link, which is what search engines love to see. You can also submit these articles to directories like or . These types of links will get you good quality scores and will last you for years if not for a lifetime.

Lastly on content, try to keep your content fresh and updated on a regular basis, the search engines like this as well as your users, it is always nice to come back to a page that has been updated.

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