SEO Tips #4 Sitemap

SEO Tips #4 Sitemap- By including a sitemap, you are showing the user how to quickly and simply find information posted on the site. This sitemap gives you all the information in one area rather than having to click on each page.

A sitemap also has links to all pages of the site and should be placed on the homepage of the site for easy access. This will also help in search engine optimization, which in turn will give you a better ranking for the search engines.

I highly recommend using a sitemap, there are even sitemap builders on the internet that are FREE and will build you an XML file that you can upload to your website, although you can build the sitemap yourself which will help users find there way around your site. You can try a couple of these ,

Now this is only a few SEO Tips and I encourage you to keep up your results, if you can master just these few steps you will great success, its more about finding a niche within a product or service that will get you the best results. Once you have these practices in place you will begin to see yourself showing up on the organic search results, which are the results that show up in the main body of the results page. The ads you see on the right and top side are Pay Per Click ads that people actually pay money for, these are called your sponsored links.

These practices are used to generate traffic by means of complex methods and techniques also known as Search Engine Optimization. Optimizing is the process of attaining higher rankings by changing content, making the site more search engine friendly and making sure you have a good supply of incoming links that are relative to your site.

Studies have proven that organic results bring higher numbers or traffic than the sponsored links that people pay for; which is the main reason why companies should optimize there website and get moving on there rankings. Remember a properly optimized site will achieve a higher ranking in the search engines, and consequently bring new visitors and potential subscribers to your website.

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