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Social Services that can “Manage Bookmarks”

Social bookmarking is a way for Internet users to store, organize, share and search bookmarks of web pages. In a social bookmarking system, users save links to web pages that they want to remember and/or share. These bookmarks are usually public, but depending on the service’s features, may be saved privately, shared only with specific people or groups, shared only inside certain networks, or another combination of publicness and privateness. The allowed people can usually view these bookmarks chronologically, by category or tags, via a search engine, or even randomly.

Most social bookmark services encourage users to organize their bookmarks with informal tags instead of the traditional browser-based system of folders, although some services feature categories/folders or a combination of folders and tags. They also enable viewing bookmarks associated with a chosen tag, and include information about the number of users who have bookmarked them. Some social bookmarking services also draw inferences from the relationship of tags to create clusters of tags or bookmarks.

Many social bookmarking services provide web feeds for their lists of bookmarks, including lists organized by tags. This allows subscribers to become aware of new bookmarks as they are saved, shared, and tagged by other users.

As these services have matured and grown more popular, they have added extra features such as ratings and comments on bookmarks, the ability to import and export bookmarks from browsers, emailing of bookmarks, web annotation, and groups or other social network features.[1]



    1. BlinkList*:[PR5] BETA Web 2.0 style interface using Tags and Ajax in page features. Update! Interface is being translated to 18 languages. [info]
      [09/2005] [PHP/MySQL/JS/Ajax] [Blog/RSS] [Tag/RSS/User] [Bookmarks] [Review] [Interview] [Video Tutorial]
      Some Features: One click copy button. 2 click in page copy + edit + mail. one click in page 5 star rating. Clickble Tag cloud for tagging. User startpage. Profile with Avatar and HTML. Bookmark username. View favorites, popular(hot now), most recent. Make all links public. Delete all bookmarks.
      User page: View tags as favorites. popular, recent or cloud. Related tag tree. Watch-list(friends, fans). Ability to create a topic page.
      Tools: Import/Export HTML, XML, CVS, JSON file. Import from delicious amd Furl. Export RSS Backup Format. 3 Bookmarklets that clipps selected text (one click, pop up, non pop up ), Toolbar for Firefox, Flock, Windows(IE?), Tag Cloud generator, Clicking on the RSS button generates the javascript code.
      What’s special: “Flag as spammer” button, one click copy. User page in-place tag manager-editor. Fans(see who follows you). Bookmarks showsup on user startpage if tag and bookmark are starred [info]. RSS button generats it’s linkroll code. Shoutbox. Thumbshots(when available). Topic pages.


    1. Chipmark*:[PR5] by a group of Computer Science students[info] Open source social bookmarks using folders and labels.
      [Java/JS] [Review]
      Some Features: Broken Links checker. Description. Private/Friends/Public. Internal mail. Bookmark manager. Search and advanced search page. Sidebar with suggest while you type. View Top10/recent. Favicons as option.
      Tools: Import/Export to HTML. Required Toolbar that lets you view your online bookmarks as local bookmarks only while your logged in. (Firefox Toolbar has the most features: login, dropdown menu with bookmarks, add/move/edit bookmark, email, add folder, friend, filtered search…) Windows Task-bar utility.


    1. Connectedy*:[PR5] Text based interface Social bookmarks using Folders.
      [2005] [News] [User]
      Some Features: Import from file. Batch edit selected bookmarks. Public/Private. Comments. View Hot topics or Popular categories Tag Cloud. Full text Search. Google search. Text ads.
      Tools: Bookmarklet (popup).


    1. Connotea*:[PR7] Open source for academics, research, entrepeise social bookmarks using tags. Update! Complete update, faster page load, new UI… Added automazicaly import blog citations. Tag suggestions. Search user, tag, my bookmarks, via google.
      [2005] [Perl] [Blog/RDF] [MailingList] [Tag/RSS/RIS/Endnote/BibTex/MOD(XML)/User] [Review] [video tutorials] [API] [Download]
      Some Features: Batch rename/group tags or to several tags. Auto-discovery(will automatically fetch additional bibliographic information), Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs), Geotagging, openurl.com, possibility to create groups. Bookmark username. Copy. Notes. Comments. Create page. Add Comments. Popular links page. Annotate. Notes to Tags. OpenURL Resolver (generates OpenURL from a URL). Option to notify you are author of the webpage. Full-text search. Tag search result page show list of users using that tag.
      Tools: Bookmarklets and some tools made by others. RSS. Import from HTML/RIS with default tag setting and/or file tag. Export to HTML/RIS. RIS and RSS for search results.
      Website using Connotea: Shoppersbase


    1. del.icio.us*:[PR8] By Joshua Schachter and acquired by Yahoo. Clever text based using Tags. Homepage now shows Hotlist updated every hour. Update! Front page has been restyled [info], Search drop down menu, Network badge, Randomizer bookmarklet which opens a radom link and search has a menu to search user bookmarks, del.icio.us or the web.
      [16/02/2003] [Pearl/Ajax] [API] [Blog/RSS] [MailingList] [VideoTutorial] [Tag/RSS/User]
      Some Features: 2 click inpage delete. One-click inpage edit. Copy from other user. Friendly URLs. Case sensitive Tags. Tag manager(delete, replace to multiple tags). Notes. Inbox. Post to other users. Follow friends bookmarks, Bookmark username. List of most popular. Clickable tag cloud, popular tags and suggest when adding/editing. Boolean tag search. Text search. URL search page. Search by file type-Media file type detection. Thumbshots for Flickr bookmarks. View 10/25/50/100 bookmarks. Bundels(quick access tag sets). View popular/recent. Experimental features: Private/Public.
      Tools: 2 Bookmarklets(popup/non-popup+text clipping, Bookmark username, Play Tagger, Randomizer). Blog Buttons(Post/Network badge) Linkroll generator with optional buttons, title, description, date and tags. (bookmarks/playtagger) Tagroll. Firefox search and extension. RSS/HTML/JS/JSON, IE Active Channel. Export to HTML with optional tags and description. Import from HTML with folder names as tags, option to add custom tags, add public popular tags and/or replace existing bookmarks. Import to HTML with Tags and Notes as option. Experimental Daily blog posting. Feed License settings. Network (follow friends)
      Huge collection of 3rd party tools tools.
      What’s special: ‘for:’ tag (tag to ‘send’ bookmarks to other users). Tag Bundles for quick access. JSON. Antisocial(hide user or Tag). mp3 player. [info] Color sheme bookmarks[info]. odds and even class for styling linkrolls.


    1. Diigo *:[PR6] “Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff.” Web 2.0 style text-based interface, bookmarks and annotation using Tags. The toolbar gives highlight and blogging support. Update! UI redesigned.
      [11/2005] [Java/J2ee/Ruby on Rails/Ajax]
      [Blog/RSS] [Demo][Review]
      Some Features: One click bookmark with custom Tag. One click copy. Related Tags(+add and remove), Search(My/Community/Tag/Full Text). In page Advanced Search(Anywhere/tags/title/URL/highlights/Text/comments/without). Direct Links. Public/Private Bookmark or only notes/highlights, Inbox(follow user and tags), Bookmark username, RSS, mail, batch checked bookmarks( public, private, edit, extract highlights, send), Tags, Tag Cloud that is also a Tag editor. Image bookmarks have thumbshots(toolbar required). Cache copy.
      Tools: in page Bookmarklet (annotate, bookmark & forward) for IE, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Import directly from browser bookmarks, file and del.icio.us. Ajax Linkroll generator with options. Add to Diigo blog footer buttons and code. [button code]
      Toolbar(Firefox 1.0+) features: Quick-D: a One click Bookmark with automatic tagging. Customize Search box-menu. Bookmark Status Icon that shows whether the current page has been bookmarked by yourself, an other user or has comments. Right click for highlighting and saving images. Blog This! button with support for WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, Typepad, MovableType. Quick access bookmarks drop-down menu by setting a tag. bookmark to: de.licio.us, , Furl, Netvouz, RawSugar, Simpy, Spurl, ma.gnolia, connotea and locally. Has a good about/help page [Help]
      What’s special: Space OR comma separated tags. Earlier/Later Tag navigation shows number of bookmarks. Private notes on Public Bookmarks. With toolbar: Blogging support for WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, Typepad and Movable Type. Highlight with visual options, Multiple posting to other social bookmarks. Bookmark Status Icon. Quick-D. Customizable search.


    1. Feed Me Links!*:[PR5] Open Source Social Bookmarks using Tags
      [03/03/2002] [RSS] [API] [download] [tag/User]
      Some Features: 3 click copy (copy-tag-OK). 2 click edit/delete tag. Batch edit selected bookmarks. Add Comments. Bookmark’s page have: user name, date, tags, views, email/copy/find similar link. One click make public. Public/Private bookmarks and tags. send links via email. View My/other users comments. expand/condensed view(hides the top bar). Search link/tag/my/user. Sort by date/name, Collapse/Expand descriptions, List of 15 last added links, list of ‘hall of fame’ Profile page has: Friendster ID, Geo position, country, language, Avatar…
      Tools: Bookmarklets. Toolbar. RSS User or Tag syndication. Import HTML del.icio.us file. Export OPML/HTML, RSS. Firefox Search. Flash Sidebars for all main browsers with My/recent/friends links. Grease monkey script.
      What’s special: Adding links by email. Private tags. Possibility to create tags anytime. Delete tag AND links or just the tag. Special page massages are…special.


    1. Furl* :[PR8] “File URL” by Looksmart. Social Bookmarks using topics (categories)
      [08/2003] [VideoTutorial] [Index of //RSS] [Search/popular/URL/User]
      Some Features: 2 click copy. Categories. Comments. Clipping. Rating. Archive/Refresh copy. Batch select user bookmarks to edit, email, read/unread, private/public and move. Search User bookmarks/Archive/furl/web with query syntax. People-Rank(search rank). Public bookmarks highlighted by popularity. Option to Allow Spiders.
      Tools: Bookmarklets (popup/non popup/one click post), RSS for tags/user/search results. Toolbar. Linkroll. Export to Furl XML format, Zipped ,IE, Mozilla/Netscape, MLA, APA, Chicago, CBE, BibTeX, RIS/EndNote.
      What’s special: Export by Tag to many formats. Duplicate alert when adding a bookmark.


    1. Lookmarks*:[PR4] by Adam Text based interface with many format support and playlisting.
      [11/2003] [C/NET/SQL] [Index of //RSS] [review] [Tag/image/video/User]
      Some Features: one click inpage copy. 2 click delete. one click edit. Batch edit all page or search results. Save and export images, Video, Music, Playlists. Ajax one click copy button(star), Categories, Show Link Titles Only. Show 10/20/50/100 links per page. Suggested tags. Related Tags. RSS/JS. Podcast RSS support. Scores. ‘Good Lookers’ list. Buttons: Play with Windows Media Player. Real Player and Winamp(iTunes)
      Tools: bookmarklets(Bookmark and grab links), IE right click. Import from local HTML.
      What’s special: Music and podcast support. Bookmarklet page opens in an iframe with automatic tag extraction from the title where one can choose 3 places to go from: go back, go to bookmarks and find similar.


    1. Ma.gnolia*:[PR3] by Gnolia Systems and Happy Cog. Web 2.0 style community driven social bookmarks using Tags. Update! Root: bookmarklet and button showing web page information and rating at ma.gnolia.
      [16/03/2005] [Ruby on Rails] [xFolk/MicroID/OpenID/CreatriveCommons] [Review] [Blog/RSS] [API] [tag/User]
      Some Features: Ads. Bookmark’s page have Thumbshots, direct links, short links, rating, description. Groups bookmarks with avatar. Tag manager(rename, delete, split). Delete all bookmarks. Messages. Friends. Search contact, group or Bookmarks using Tags or Text. View most recent. Profile page with avatar. View recent. Hot Bookmarks. Internal Mail. Domain Maintenance. Claim your bookmarks or group in Technorati. API acces(ex. Sedo – Park, Buy and Sell Domain Names and Websites).
      Tools: Bookmarklets(normal, pop-up and one click). Button generator. Linkroll generator with optional thumbshots, date, updated date, rating and descriptions. Root bookmarklet and buttons. Import(from file or del.icio.us). RSS complete and lite feed for tags. Many 3rd party tools: Del.icio.us to Ma.gnolia Greasemonkey Script, FireFox Search. Google toolsbar button. Google homepage module. TextPattern Link Roll Plugin, WordPress Notable Link Roll Plugin, Mac OS-X Dashboard and Yahoo Widgets. FeedBurner Link Splicer…
      What’s special: For useful bookmarks, send thank-yous to other members bookmarks and view who thanked you and for which bookmark.


    1. Netvouz*:[PR7] “interNET rendezVOUZ” Social bookmark manager using tags and folders.
      [2003] [Java] [English/Swedish] [Blog/RSS] [Review+Feature Table] [Interview] [Tag/RSS/User]
      Some Features: Drop-down menu. Public/Private Folders. View Global and User Tag Cloud, User tags list. Search all or user bookmarks. Related Tags(+add and remove). bookmark username. Copy. Start Rating(Poor/Average/Good/Very good). Open in new window button. View 10/20/50/100 bookmarks. Broken link checker and manager. Delete all bookmarks. Close account(!)
      Edit mode has: One click delete, Batch edit selected(move, tag, delete) and a drop-down menu for quickly moving bookmarks to any hierarchical level. Add bookmark leads to the choice to retern to previous page or go to Netvouz.
      Tools: Bookmarklet(pop-up + non popup) that extracts tags from the selected text. Export to Netvout XML/Firefox/IE. Import from del.icio.us (optional Tags and description). Import from file( Firefox/IE/Opera/Safari/Powermarks) to any folder with tag extraction(folder name/title/description) and options to skip duplicates, remove toolbar folder and merge duplicate folders. Blog button code, Linkroll several custom codes. To come: Firefox toolbar and search
      What’s special: Netgative rating (‘Poor’). Powerfull import with tag extraction. Import from Powermarks. Mark as intranet. Export folder without tags to HTML and XML. Delete all bookmarks. Private notes on public bookmarks. Hotpicks(quick access bookmarks you allways see). Advanced broken link manager that gives possibilty to batch delete and edit.


    1. RawSugar*:[PR6] Web 2.0 style social search engine with Clustered tagging. Update! Advanced BlogSync integration. in page copy and edit.
      [2005] [Blog/RSS] [API] [tag/RSS/User]
      Some Features: 1-click in page edit + popup window; 2-click copy (click + popup + tag + click); Search tabs(All/Web 2.0 Blogs/ Watchlist/My diectors); ‘Add bookmark/copy’ window have clickable popular tags assigned by other users + notes (text/HTML formatting, images, emoticons…) + thumbnail; Ajax-style tag manager (copy, paste, rename, delete, new); in page Login; Directories, Related Directories. Watchlist (follow, see who follows). Email search results. Search with singular and plural included (stemming), Boolean search (groups). View 10/20/50/100 bookmarks per page. Monthy popular tag page showing usernames and their tags. Expande/Collapse for related clusters and subscribe buttons to multiple RSS readers for each Tag. Delete all tags or links[info]. Personal styled page with Avatar.
      Tools: Bookmarklet with clipping text and images(IE/Safari/Forefox/Flock). Firefox toolbar. IE right click. Export XML/OPML (or export 50 bookmarks of a specific tag to del.icio.us format using apiExport.). Import (delicious, Furl, Firefox, IE, OPML). Import posts with description lenghs options (WordPress, MovableType/TypePad, RSS feed). BlogSync(automatically add new blog posts to Rawsugar). Blog guided search generator for blogs. Syncronize from del.icio.us. Blog button code. Linkroll with thumbshots using RSS2JS. Google Homepage Module.
      What’s special ‘Automatic hierarchy’ option that clusters your tags based on relations created by other members. Clustered tags Ajax manager. Shows edit or copy buttons for bookmarks you have or do not have. BlogSync+Blog guided search . Tag extractor option for Tagging (Page Tagger)Advanced search and adult content search (adult content blocked by default). Search with suggest while you type and with weighted auto-completion (colors indicating popularity of the suggested tags). User bookmark search. Rename account that renames user URL. Delete Tags. Delete Links [info]. Top User monthly Rewards program.[Info]


    1. Simpy*: Social Bookmarks and notes using Tags with a Text-based interface. : import users from de.lirio.us as it will shut down.
      [2004] [Blog/RSS] [Group] [API] [User]
      Some Features: One click delete; Archive; Comments; Clippings(Notes); Rating; Related pages; Topics(like delicious inbox); Watchlist; Auto-login options, del.icio.us sync; Full-text search with boolean and wildcat support. Poeple Search. Flickr-style Groups. View 10/50/all bookmarks. Similar/cached/Mail/history for each bookmark. View 20/50/100/all tags. View most active users. Private/Public. Options: Set default privacy level/number of bookmarks/other user’s bookmarks/global feeds/notes per page/search results
      Tools: 5 Bookmarklets: add/search bookmarks/note/search notes/link history. Import with the possibility to add a unique tag (from Mozilla, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, del.icio.us and de.lirio.us[See under de.lirio.us]) Export, , RSS for tags. Firefox sidebar. Search Plug-in. Sidebar. User made bookmarklets(1 2 3)
      What’s special: Related tags: , ~, + add and remove for user bookmarks. Tag manager with rename/split/merge/delete. Statistical information for each bookmark. RSS feed has a ‘not’ query. Google adsense support.


    1. Spurl*:[PR7] For SPecial URL. Web 2.0 style interface using Tags and Folders. Uses Zniff as search engine.
      [2004] [API request by Email] [User]
      Some Features: Batch move, copy, delete, tag bookmarks. Expande/collapse details. Broken links analyse. Thumbshots. Archive. Tags. Categories. Clipping. Notes. Bookmark page. Public/private. Email Link. Related Links. Discover (Hot, Fresh and Random) Random Spurls and Users. List of all Users. Language settings for each bookmark and global.
      Tools: Bookmarklet. Toolbar. Spurl meter button(shows how many users have ‘Spurled’ the page). Sidebar version. Import from file safari/mozilla/IE/Opera/Other (lets you choose what folders to import from during the process). Import from del.icio.us. Export to HTML and XML. ATOM/XML/JS. User bookmark statistics. Publish folder.
      What’s special: Shows ‘a year ago bookmarks’. Import folder choice. User bookmark statistics. Language settings. Spurl meter button.


    1. Unalog:[PR6] Text based interface using Tags.
      [Python] [xFolk] [2003] [Blog/RSS] [API] [Download] [User]
      Some Features: Export to XML, Tags. Batch edit, remove tags. Comments. Friendly URls. bookmark username. private/public. Create and join groups, View Tags by alphabet letter.
      Tools: Bookmarklets(Post + Index page when saving). PDA, RSS, XBEL, XOBIS, MODS links. Pearl tool for adding to unalog.
      What’s special: Special URL navigation by date, format… see screenshot or about page.


  1. Yahoo! My Web*:[PR6] Update! BETA Social bookmarks using tags, folders and thumbshots. Now with global access options (Private, the Yahoo! community or everybody).
    Some Features: One click copy. One click in page edit. URL/Tag/Related Search. Save from Yahoo! search results. Cache copy as option. Search History. Invite friends. Possibility to add contacts from the public bookmarks. Duplicate detector. Search box for “My bookmarks”, “Popular tags”. Full, detail, list and grid view. View Top Tags, Interesting Today, related tags, active taggers. Mouseover user info with avatar. ‘Show details’ bookmark page has copy, email bookmark and IM user. Incredibly long undirect URLs. Batch tag editor.
    Preferences: To choose Tabs. Filter images. Multimedia search formats. Language, SafeSearch, Layout… settings as in Yahoo.com search.
    Tools: Bookmarklet, Toolbar, Linkroll and Tag Cloud generator, ‘Save to My Web’ button javascript codes. Import from IE, Yahoo, del.icio.us and RSS(!). Import Yahoo contacts. RSS and subscribe with My Yahoo buttons. Linkroll and Tag cloud generator. JS blog button. NEW: Export to HTML.
    What’s special: RSS/XML import. (No logout?)




Social Bookmarks:



    1. i89.us: “Simple way to save and share your favorite URL/links/websites online”*:[PR4] Social bookmarks using tags with tabbed interface.
      [04/2006] [User]
      Some Features: Export to exel, xml, html and IE. Tags, Comments, Personal and General Categories, Copy, Bookmark username, Friends, Email. View Popular tags, Popular Bookmarks, Recent Bookmarks. The ‘Add Bookmark’ page has a fetch keywords button,
      To come: Import from del.icio.us, Furl, Firefox & IE, watch list, profiles, networking, voting. Friendly URls. Video bookmarking and more…
      Tools: Bookmarklets(popup/non popup/one click+ automatic filling) RSS feeds and RSS Linkroll generator with preview. Blog Button. URL Shortener.
      What’s spcial: option to shorten the bookmark’s URL. “Fetch Keywords” button inserts popular tags while creating a bookmark.


    1. AllMyFavorites.net*:[PR4] Social bookmarks using folders and thumbshots.
      [2003] [English/Danish] [News]
      Some Features: Category Description, Right click, possibility to change order by drag and drop, automatic Dead Links checker. Folders. Search and advanced search(URL/Descriptions/Category/User/Language/Modified). Automatic language detection (English/German/French/Danish/Swedish/Nowegian) Mouseover Tooltips with thumbshots. Personal page. Directy friendly URLs. Ads.
      Tools: Required Toolbar(Firefox, Mozilla, IE). Windows Taskbar application. Import/Export/Sync(Firefox,IE) Firefox search plugin. Buttons and banners.


    1. Backflip:[PR7] Social bookmarks using folders. [Review] [User].
      Some Features: 2 click delete(javascript alert) Premade folders with descriptions(Computers,News…) Public/Private folders. Automatic organization when adding a new bookmark. Public/Private folders. View Popular Links. Uses Google search. Search(My/Public/web) Email bookmark. Ads.
      Tools: Bookmarklet (popup).
      What’s special: Daily routine:Option to create an iframe browsing tour. Show and Tell: Option to ‘Let my friends add pages to this folder’.


    1. BibSonomy*:[PR6] Social bookmarks and publications using tags with a text based interface.
      [RSS] [Blog] [MailingList] [Popular] [User]
      Some Features: Related tags. Public/Private/Friends bookmarks and groups. Friends. Tag and full text search with filter tags! Bookmark username. User tag list and cloud. View popular/busy tags. Global Tag Cloud. Add bookmark with clickable Tags cloud.
      To come: Batch Tag editor.
      Tools: bookmarklets (post BibTeX). RSS/XML/BibTex/EndNote links. Import from del.icio.us. BibTeX manually, snippet and upload.
      What’s special: BibTeX support. Duplicate detection when adding new bookmarks with the possibility of merging the information. Group accounts by email request.


    1. Blabb.com : new test:[PR0] Web2.0 style Public bookmarking and aggregator where everybody can submit.
      [JS/Ajax] [info] [User]
      Some Features: Links and feeds open in an in page Ajax window, 2 click Copy(click-tag-click). One click delete. Themes(Usefull, read, tech, fun…). Description. Automatic RSS detection. Tags, Categories, Search by country. Browse by date, alpha, best(?) or links that have RSS. View todays popular, yesterday’s popular and ramdom. View by country, Blogger or MySpace blogs. Sort Alpha, Newest, Best or RSS.
      Tools: 2 ‘recommend this button’ for Blog posts. RSS.


    1. Blogmarks.net*:[PR7] by Default PLESK Page. Web 2.0 style Social Bookmarks with Thumbshots. Network and interface has been redesigned.
      [02/2004] [English/French] [xFolk] [Blog/RSS] [API] [PHP toolkit] [User]
      Some Features: 2 click Copy. 2 click in page delete. Add comments. Thumbshots. Public/private Tags(boolean). Global and user Tag Cloud. Related tags. View Popular Links. Bookmark username. Gavatar support. Friends. Search my or friends bookmarks. Search Tags with limite results to 50/100/200. Delete all bookmarks. Friendly URLs.
      Tools: Bookmarklets with selected text support(popup/non popup). RSS. Internet Explorer Right-Click Context Menu. Userscripts. Blogsync(automaticaly post bookmarks with thumbshots to your blog[example] Import from Blogmark’s Atom, del.icio.us, Mozilla/Netscape. Export to gzip compressed Atom feed. NEW: Delete all.
      What’s spacial: Private Tags. Blogsyc, Export to gzip. Interface color changes depending where you are(red for user bookmarks, green for public)


    1. BmAccess*:[PR5] Web 2.0 style Social bookmarks using tags and folders with thumbshots. [English/French] [PHP/MySQL/JS]
      Some Features: Mouseover thumbshots. Import file to a specific folder. One click Export to HTML. Batch Private/Public folders. Email link button. Search. One click delete with javascript alert. 2 click copy using an iframe(click,tag,click) same as the bookmarklet. Options: Language settings, hide/show thumbshots/description/information, set number of visible links. 2 click edit bookmarks and folders.
      Tools: in page iframe Bookmarklet.
      What’s Special: Bookmarks open an iframe. Comma or space sparated tags.


    1. BookmarkTracker*:[PR5] Bookmarks using folders and public directory.
      Some Features: Automatic folders(New Bookmarks, My Top Rated Bookmarks, Recently Visited, Most Visited), Search Folder titles and bookmarks, public and private RSS, synchronize, Import from IE and Netscape/Mozilla/Firefox.
      Tools: Bookmarklets.


    1. BuddyMarks*:[PR5] Update! Social bookmarks using Tags in a directory style interface. Now has publishing!
      [2006] [php]
      Some Features: Predefined categories, Public category RSS, Bookmark username. Public/Friends/Private. Copy from other user. Import/Export Netscape HTML. Edit mode. Search with Tag and bookmark results separated. Email invitation. Tags when bookmarking and search results. Invite and keep track of invitations. Note, there are no bookmarks at root level and has no User link. Home button leads to your bookmarks.
      Tools: Bookmarklets. Sidebar. HTML and RSS publisher giving the possibility to turn on and off Public/Friends/Private bookmarks sharing with everybody.


    1. ButterFly:*:[PR5] Web2.0 Social bookmarking using tags with annotation and page editing capabilities.
      [JS/Ajax/DHTML] [English/Dutch] [Blog] [Review] [Video Tutorials] [User]
      Features: One click delete. Tags, Private/Public Categories(sets), Global and personal Tag cloud, Search, Private/Public, Ratings, Sort by Date/Ratings/Views. Close account.
      To come: notes
      Tools Bookmarklets (pop-up, non popup, ButterFly Reader) RSS links.
      What’s special: The ButterFly Reader, annotation mode using a bookmarklet to edit pages, copy selected text, annotate, highlight, search, translate and mail.


    1. CiteULike*:[PR7] by Richard Cameron. Text-based service with tagging to help academics to share, store, and organise the academic papers. Update! New UI.
      [English/French/German/Italian/Norwegian/Swiedish/Japanese/Russian] [MailingList] [Review] [Interview] Some Features: Archive. Groups. WatchList. One click watch artcle. Write article. Upload files. Comments. RSS, Bookmark username. Possibility to add an image. Post to other members. View related articles as TouchGraph(See scientific visualisation)
      Tools: Import BibTeX with custom tag(upload + paste). Export to BibTeX/EndNote. Bookmarklets and greasemonkey scripts to support COinS links at a number of institutions[info]. PithHelmet for Safari on Mac OS X, Greasemonkey script. plugin subversion repository.
      What’s special: BibTeX and OpenURL support. Automatically extracts the citation details from a list of supported sites[list]


    1. Complore*:[PR5] beta “Come Xplore” Network community with blogging, forums and bookmarks using tags.
      [04/06] [Blog/RSS] [Video Tutorial] [User]
      Some features: Private/Public. Bookmark BibTex. Tag and user XML. Email Messages. File storage(jpg jpeg gif png txt html doc xls pdf ppt pps up to 10 MB) Possibility to create groups with privacy settings. Groups RSS feed. Rating.
      Add bookmark page has: Tags, Private/Public. List in group and HTML support for descriptions.
      Tabs: Tags, Articles, Lectures, Papers, Event, Groups. Bookmark commenting but no copy button.
      Sidebars have Tag cloud, Popular feeds, Upcoming events, Most popular content, Quick access links, direct post buttons(article, event, bookmark…) No redirect back to previous URL after bookmarking, but to the bookmark page.
      Tools: Bookmarklet. Import from BibTeX(upload or paste).
      What’s special: Create new items page have a preview button. One click delete latest bookmark from sidebar. Filter tags. Window title includes bookmark title.


    1. de.lirio.us: Store, share and tag your favourite links*:[PR6] Open source del.icio.us clone using Tags. ! Will shutdown. Users are moved to Simpy!
      [25/03/2005] [Rubic] [xFolk] [RSS] [blogforum] [download] [User]
      Some Features: Private/Public Expande/collapse description. Search and URL search. View recent. Expande/collapse details. Technorati/Google/Yahoo search for each bookmark. Subscribe Tag to bloglines. @private tag for private bookmarks.
      Tools: Bookmarklets.


    1. This Web page is parked free, courtesy of GoDaddy.com! :[PR3] NEW! Social bookmarks using tags and thumbshots.
      [02/2007] [User] [Tag]
      Some Features: Tag bundels. Show Public/Private. Noting and commenting. 2 click delete. Popular and related tags. Tag cloud. Email Notification. Subscribe to tags.
      Tools: Bookmarklets. FF extension.


    1. ez4u.net We make it ez4u! – Welcome! *:[PR4] Social Bookmarks using categories.
      [2006] [User]
      Some Features: Mouseover bookmark details. Email message and/or checked bookmarks to user or external email.
      Tools: bookmarklet. Optional RSS. Google Search Bar. Import from File converting 1st folder to category. Print Bookmarks.


    1. Frassle:[PR6] by Shimon Rura. No longer supported. Alpha and is no longer being actively developed. Open source Social Bookmarking and blog using hierarchical categories and tags, used to also have an aggregator but is now disabled.
      [Perl] [12/2003]
      Some Features: RSS, Bookmark username, Categories, Discussion, blog(studio), Internet-scale search engine. Category manager.
      Tools: bookmarklets. Linkroll generator. Did not see any Import feature.
      What’s special: the ‘content studio’, a kind of personal RSS aggregator start-page.


    1. Fungow* :[PR4] “fun-go!” Launched! Web2.0 Social bookmarking using Folders,(No tags as presented here) where each user URL is a tabbed single page application.
      [12/06-18/06/06] [JS] [Blog] [Video Tutorial] [review] [User]
      Some Features: Search all from front page/Search user bookmarks from user page; 2 click copy(popup) from search results; 1 click save from bookmark detail tab; Internal mail; Complete profile with avatar, contact, age, address…; View by thumbshots/List; Bookmarks date range; Sort by name/most visited/last visited/recente; Previous/next buttons show page count; Delete account;
      ‘Add bookmark’ page has mail/cache copy/description/capiton/create folder
      Tools: popup bookmarklet; User name RSS; Import(Firefox/IE/del.icio.us file); Export (HTML);


    1. Goesby:[PR4] Social bookmarks using search with RSS suppot. Didn’t have much information.[+27/07/06]


    1. GUIcookies:[PR4] Dynamic(?) bookmarks using folders for Windows Internet Explorer with drag and drop support, even to the task bar. Public/Private or make it only available to one friend.


    1. igooi* :[PR5] Simple text based interface using Tags, categories and folders.[User]
      Some Features: Rating. Groups. Add Comments. Podcast support. View Recent/Hot Tags/Top Users. Bookmark username. Links to Google Cache and Internet archive. Google search box. Batch selected private/public
      Tools: Bookmarklets (one click, pop up, non pop up and search). IE Right-click. Sidebar. XML links. Import from RSS url. Export to IE HTML. Linkroll.


    1. iloggo: NEW! Social bookmark startpage using tags, tabs and thumbshots or logos. [+04/01/07]
      Tools: Firefox and IE extension that add two buttons.


    1. iKeepBookmarks.com:[PR4] Web1.0 style Text based interface.
      Some Features: Folders, navigation iframe(tour button), Searches folder names and links.
      Tools: Bookmarklet, Toolbar, Task-bar utility.


    1. indiamarks:[PR5] Social bookmarking using tags and categories focused on India. Tag cloud shows number of bookmarks.
      [Index of /]


    1. indiza .com :::[PR5]Public social bookmarks using tags. Didn’t manage to register.
      Some features: Avatar with Avatar editor, Tags, Bookmark username, Date
      Tools: bookmarklet, Firefox search.


    1. Jots:[PR6] Text based interface using tags. [Ruby/Postgres/FastCGI/Apache] [2004] [API] [User]
      Some Features: RSS, Archive, Privet/Public, Bookmark username, ignore users and hide their bookmarks. Ads.
      Tools: bookmarklets post and ‘jotted’ that lists who bookmarked. Experimental Firfox bookmarklet(!It’s not mentionned on their website, you can get it here.) Post to Blog (posts bookmarks from the previous day.). Import from del.icio.us
      What’s special: Ignore users and hide their bookmarks. Private groups and tags using @.


    1. Linkatopia:[PR5] by Design215. Web 2.0 style Social bookmarking using Tags. Updated Now supports custom skinning using CSS and has a style search the web.[info]
      [15/05/2006] [PHP/MySQL/JS] [RSS] [User]
      Some Features: Description with HTML support. Rating. Friends listing with private description. Inbox. Chat. One click copy. Copy with draggable in page edit box showing clickable tags. Public/Friends/Private. Friendly URLs. Favicon. Sort by date added, title, or rating. Possibility to edit bookmarked date. Add bookmark page shows user tags and web site popular tags, then leads to a new add bookmark page with the previous bookmark’s link. Thumbshots(when available). Avatar.
      To come: internal messages, file Import, AJAX forms
      Tools: bookmarklet(pop-up and in page +text clipping). Pop-up chat window using PULPchat, also by Design215.
      What’s special: Bookmark date editing. Bookmarks setting: visible to Friends only. Copy with edit or one click as-is. Duplicate notification.


    1. Linkarena:[PR4] Social bookmarks using folders and search. Free, premium and Pro accounts available.
      [German/English] [Demo] [User]
      Some Features : Folders, Public/Private. Avatar. Automatic detail insertion from other users bookmarks, View users and number of bookmarks. Chart of the most visited users. Domain URL with user name.
      Tools :bookmarklet, extension
      What’s spcial: Private Tags. Chat.


    1. Linkroll:[PR6] Social bookmarks using tags(called categories).
      Some Features: RSS/JS. Podcast channels. Users. Open in new window button. Subscribe to tags. Ignor user/tag. Search page for Title/description/URL/Category.
      Tools: bookmarklets (pop-up and non pop-up). Linkback button.
      What’s spcial: Browse by archive


    1. Markboo*: [PR3] Web 2.0 style Open source Social bookmarks using Tags with image and music support.
      [06/2006] [RubyonRails] [User]
      Some Features: Notes with WYSIWYG editing mode (FCKEditor).; Rating; Private/Public; Copy; ‘Add bookmark’ page has an in page clickable view/add Tags. Bookmark username with name and avatar. Image bookmarking. Syntax highlighting. Text Ads.
      Tools: bookmarklets(post/Toggle Reading Mode). Import(Firefox/IE/Opera/Safari/del.icio.us). Export to HTML
      What’s special: Create bookmarks from mail and mobile MMS. Bookmark(+image) from mobile. VoIP support requiring tglo CentComm.


    1. MyLinkVault*:[PR5] Update! Ajax enabled, bookmark startpage with expand/collapse blocks. [demo].
      Some Features: Set all private. Move all to an other page. expande/collapse all blocks. Import from IE, Firefox, del.icio.us or a list of URLs, Export to HTML, Categories, Public/private, Locking/Unlock page, View Popular Links. in page edit, 2 click delete. RSS feeds for new and popular. Settings: Links colors, default privacy. Thought no tags nor search.
      Tools: 2 Bookmarklets(normal and one click).


    1. myHq*:[PR5] Simple text based interface where the bookmarks are automatically formatted into a table..
      Some Features: Import from Mozilla/Netscape, Personal page.


    1. MyPIP*:[PR4] Service for creating personal pages of bookmarks. Demo available.
      Some Features: Public/Private, Import/Export, Categories(modules), Comments batch editing.
      Tools: bookmarklet. Spell checker.


    1. myVmarks*:[PR5] Web 1.0 style Social bookmark startpage. See demo.
      Some Features: Shared though groups. Folders, Notes, possibility to store Thumbnails, drag and drop, Customizable options.


    1. Namakkal:[PR5] WordPress style interface with a simple public bookmarking using tags.
      Some features: Import from file and del.icio.us, search, watchlist, tags, Bookmark username, tags, added date. No copy from public bookmarks.
      Tools: Bookmarklets (popup ans non-popup)


    1. OpenBM*:[PR5] Beta. Text based interface, has support in English and German.
      Some Features: Import, Tags, RSS
      Tools: bookmarklets. Firefox search plug-in.


    1. onelurv:[PR4] Social RSS reader, social bookmarks startpage using tags and password manager.
      [12/05/2006] [Ajax/JS] [English/Chinese] [Index of //RSS] [demo] [User]
      Some Features: For bookmarks: Private/watchlist/Public bookmarks. Automatic title extration. 2 in page click delete. Mouseover thumbshots preview.
      To come: Email notification for feeds.
      Tools: Bookmarklets(pop up/non pop up). A nice widget with color/size options [Example]. Import del.icio.us/HTML file. Import/export OMPL.
      What’s special: Password generator.


    1. Oyax:[PR4] Beta. For non-commercial use only.
      Some Features: XML/RSS, Choice of categories, Javascript generator(?), Group creation a bit like Flickr with and image, members…?Did not see any import.


    1. PennTags:[PR6] Text-based. by University of Pennsylvania.
      Some Features: Save, Tag, Annotate Pages (including Franklin Records, VCAT records.) Create projects(links collection) Tag Cloud. Bookmark username. Additional features will be added.
      Tools: Bookmarklet. Toolbar.


    1. Plum: [PR4] Private BETA. Social bookmarks that also allows users to bookmark items on their computer, share emails and photos. “We want Plum to work with all the services you already use like Yahoo, Google, CraigsList, Amazon, Ebay, Flickr, WordPress…” [via]
      Some Features: One click collects web pages, blog posts, photos, email, feeds & more…, Listing, Annotate, Comment, Similar collections, Related … I’ll tell when I know more.


    1. Pocket: Web2.0 style Social bookmarks using tags.


    1. sa.bros.us:[PR4] Open source del.icio.us clone. You can download from here. (see other SourceForge bookmark projects.)


    1. Scuttle*:[PR6] Open Source Social Bookmarks using tags.
      [PHP MySQL] [review] [download] [User]
      Some general Features: (They don’t all have the same features) Import from file(HTML and del.icio.us) edit delete bookmark, copy bookmarks, Bookmark username, Tags, Related Tags, Share, Sort by date/title/URL, Boolean search, when manually adding bookmarks title is automatically detected. Public/Private, Clear URLs, Friends.
      Tools: Bookmarklets. RSS. Scuttlelicious Firefox extension for posting to any bookmark service using Scuttle [link].
      What’s special: Open source with multilingual support
      [xFolk/gettext]. Using Scuttle: IndiaGram digg like focused on India. This one has implemented it’s own tools such as comments, email and voting implemented. Recommend It! Open Tag Directory and Scuttledu have implemented it as a side service.
      Mobitopia (for mobile related), BTLI “Best things in life”, freedomSLUT (for libertarians), imp.etuo.us : social bookmarks for adults (for adult content), Tasty, GoKoDoand there are many more!


    1. Shadows*:[PR7] Update! Bookmarks and Network, it’s connected to Pluck with a tabbed interface and thumbshots. [Review] [API] [User]
      Some Features: 2 click in page copy. Archive(cache). Find related(Discovery). Groups and Special tags for adding bookmarks to groups(with @). Rating. Profile page with Upload local Avatar and a choice of Avatars. Bookmark’s page. Friends list. Discussion. Tags. RSS. Notes. Comments. Email-This button. Tab to view only comments. View latest bookmarks. Popular Tag Cloud. Friendly URls.
      Tools: Bookmarklets. Blog Button Generator. Tag Cloud generator. Firefox and IE toolbar with a quick javascript alert to tag and bookmark. WordPress-Shadows plugin that lets you tag your blog entries. Import(del.icio.us, Firefox and IE HTML file with auto tagging).


    1. Sitetagger.com:[PR0] Nice simple text based interface.
      Some Features: Tags, Broken link checker, Bookmark cleaner(removes old unused bookmarks), private/public, RSS, Feed subscriptions(Yahoo, Bloglines, MSN…), View who last bookmarked, Tag sorting, Related tags.


    1. Smarking*:[PR5] BETA For Social bookMARKING. Social Bookmarks using Tags. Exists in English and Italian. Smarking’s developer is also the initiator of the BIF project. Bookmark links detected as containg login names or passwords are utomatically hidden. [Python/PostgreSQL/Apache] [xFolk/OpenLook :: ì?´ì•¼ê¸°] [Blog] [Review] [Interview] [User]
      Some Features: Import from Firefox, Opera, IE(to come)+from delicious (account or file). Import with Filtering. Search keywords or tags. Comments with some BBcode support. Private/Public. RSS(popular,highest rated) Friends. Messages. Show Similar. Mouseover usernames show user information and ‘send message’. Mouseover tags show search Smarking/Google/Technorati/Flickr/Digg/Wikipedia. View latest/popular/users/statistics.
      User Options: Hide/show images, favicons and Avatars. Hide tags (do not show…). Number of bookmarks per page. Language settings. Time zone. Geo location.
      To come: Export, Advanced search and Tag rename/delete, alias URLs.
      Tools: Bookmarklet and Opera button that supports selected text. WordPress plugin. Advanced RSS2JS options.
      What’s Special: Bookmark update notification. Keyboard navigation. Language (English/Italian.) and file format detection when bookmarking. Bookmark page has an iframe, so lets you copy past text from the original page. [example]


    1. Socialbookmarking.org:[PR5] Web2.0 style Social bookmarks using tags, where each user gets his own domain URL and a startpage. [userpage example]
      [Ruby on Rails/MySQL/AJAX] [Index of /] [User]
      Some Features: Tags. user and global Tag Cloud. Bookmark username. Blog. social network. Avatars. Friends. Subscribe to friends. Bookmark title one click in page edit. Tools: bookmarklet, Linkroll


    1. SyncOne.net*:[PR4] Web 2.0 style Social Bookmarks and RSS reader, tabbed interface for bookmarks/clips, Media(only with extension) and Feeds. You can search public bookmarks but not browse them.
      Some features: Copy & mail button, search public bookmarks and feeds, Tags, Private/Public bookmarks. Checkbox to show as review(when adding/editing). ‘Add Bookmark page’ has tags, Clipping, comments field and it’s own url. Batch delete selected. All bookmarks have a email button, Search Google, view cached, edit. Drop down menu for hiding tags. Possibility to put an ad banner and earn (Google adsens and Yahoo publisher). Link to Cache. No user link.
      Tools: Bookmarklet with selected text supoort. Right click for IE, bookmarklet that can save selected text. Firefox/IE extension for Bookmarks, images and XML/RSS. Toolbar required to save images. Import de.licio.us, File & OPML with custon tag option for all.
      What’s special: Possibility to view/compare two site within iframes.


    1. StyleFeeder:[PR5] Social bookmarks using tags, small images and a simple text based interface, basicly for shopping items.
      [16/10/2005] [Blog/RSS] [User]
      Some features: Possibiliy to post anonymously. Bookmark have Gender relevance, Email This Button, add a comment. Groups. Search page with tag cloud. Avatar. User watchlist. Page numbers on user bookmarks page. Did not have copy bookmark from other users.
      Tools: Bookmarklet that gives the possibility to add an image. Flash widget with a mouseover-zooming effect. RSS/OMPL(+ subcribe to Yahoo, Bloglines, NewGator and Rojo) for user and tags.


    1. Sync2It*:[PR5] Social bookmarks using clusters. Free for students, teachers….
      Some Features: Local <-> online bookmark synchronizing service. Mobile support, Dead link checker, Duplicate remover, Undelete, folders, keywords, descriptions, community, RSS, popularity rank, cached Link.
      Tools: Toolbar, System tray app. Client app(Mac, PC).


    1. Taggly *:[PR5] English and Italian Social bookmarks using tags and thumbshots. Has just gone public this month!
      [06/07/06] [English/Italian] [API] [Blog/RSS] [User][+17/07/06]
      Some Features: Two click in place delete. Bookmarks buttons: Cache copy/Mail/BlogThis/2 click tag + copy
      Tools: bookmarklets(pop up and non pop up) Firefox extension. Import from file and del.icio.us file. API


    1. Tedigo.net*: ‘Te digo’: ‘I tell you’. Simple Social bookmarks using tags (keywords) where bookmarks are only visible as search results. (no editing, bookmarklets nor RSS)
      Some features: One click copy with search keyword as tag. Public/Private.
      Tools: Import max. 30 bookmarks from HTML file


    1. URLex:[PR4] Community with clippings and RSS aggregator
      [English/Russian] [2005] [User]
      Some Features: One click copy. Inbox. Private/Public group creation. Dirctory. Lets you leave private or public(to every URLex user?) comments on any webpage. Add bookmark page has: Private/Friends/Public. Create new category, comments. Feed publishing in community[example]. Now support RSS feeds with feedmarks(share/save), interface has been redesigned.
      Tools: bookmarklet(selected text). IE and Firfox Toolbar. RSS code. Button code. OPML export.


    1. WireFan:[PR4] Social bookmarks using tags.
      [07/06] About and contact links lead nowhere.
      What’s special: Possibility to add website thumbshot or upload a picture.
      Tools: bookmarklet. Linkroll. Blog post button.


    1. Xilin.us*:[PR5] Web 2.0 social bookmarks with a nice comment section to post, discuss features.
      [03/2006] [RubyonRails/Ajax] [English/French] [Video Tutorial]
      Some Features: drag and drop for sorting. one click in page edit, 2click delete, Tags, Search, Rating, Public/Private, Import from Mozilla Firefox, Export to HTML.


    1. Yattle ALPHA : Simple text-based Social bookmarks using categories.
      Some Features: Bookmark lifespan. Privacy options. Mini-blog. 2 layout choices or custom colors and logo.


  1. Yoono:[PR6] Suggestion and Social bookmarking using folders.
    [16/09/2005] [English/French] [Index of //RSS] [Interview]
    Some Features: Profile page. RSS aggregragating. Private/Public. Search by popularity. Searches similar by URL. Online and offline(Synchronizing), Quick find, Filtering, Find duplicates, drag and drop, Send mail, user/news alerts.
    Tools: Required FF and IE extension or complete app for XP. RSS/JS


Semi-Public Social Bookmarks:



    1. BlinkPro*:[PR5] Shared to other registered users.
      Some Features: Bookmark all links of a page(Grab Sites), Categories, Folders, XML , Import from AOL, IE, Mozilla/Netscape, Public/private, Feed aggregator(dynamic folders).
      Tools: Bookmarklets, Internet Explorer Right-Click Context Menu, Userscripts, Blogsync(Link a linkroll?) and I bet soon a Firefox toolbar.


    1. Blue Dot*:[PR6] (BETA) previously called Blue.Us. Released on the 14th Juin 2006. Web2.0 social network and bookmarks network using Tags. Internal messages and comments tracking with notification, related tags and ‘see who bookmarked'[info]
      [14/06/06] [Blog/RSS] [review] [User]
      Some features: Import from del.icio.us with tags. Tabbed user page showing friends, bookmarks, related tags. Search all/user/my bookmarks/people. View users by activity or Alpha. View bookmarks by list or image and tag; Organize friends by lists; Internal mail; Mail; Import contects from AOL/Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo; Invite and manage invitations; Profile with Avatar;User page themes; one click friend request;
      Bookmarking features: 2 click in page copy(click-note/tag-click), 2 click delete(click confirme); description; add comment; suggest while you type; choose image from the page.
      Tools: in page bookmarklet with text clipping and possibility to choose extracted images. Search bookmarklets(link, link). IE toolbar. Blogsync. 4 Blog widgets with preview(Images/Flash/Links/headings only). RSS/2.0/Atom 1.0/Atom 2.0
      What’s special: Let’s you quickly login even using the bookmarklet without loseing the page! Pre-entered tags.


    1. Cogenz: Private Beta. Enterprise Social Bookmarking using tags aiming to be the Socialtext for social bookmarks..
      [6/07/06] [Ruby on Rails/LAMP] [About] [Blog/RSS]
      Some features: Batch tag manager. Account tags. Related/Active users. Simultanesly post to del.icio.us(allways or per bookmark). Copy bookmark have: clickable copied bookmark tags, recomended tags, popular tags. Advanced acces control[info]
      Tools: bookmarklet. Screduled email subscriptions to any page. RSS. Import from del.icio.us User access control.


    1. ConnectBeam :[PR5] Enterprise Social Bookmarking and Network using tags.
      [28/06/06] [Review]


    1. Favoritoo*:[PR4] English and French service. Shared to registered users.
      Some Features: Import, Folder, drag and drop, fins similar.
      Tools: ? There’s no help, at least for non-registered users.


    1. Freelink.org!:[PR5] To make a page of bookmarks. Shared using username/url.


    1. GetBoo.com:[PR4] Text based interface. Bookmarks are shared via groups.
      Some Features: Delete account(!), Folders,Export(HTML), Import with remove duplicates(Firefox, IE, Opera, Netscape), Delete all bookmarks, RSS, Stats, Private/Public groups.
      Tools: bookmarklet


    1. HLOM*:[PR5] Or Hyperlinkomatic. Public Beta ‘We will stop accepting new sign-ups as and when the load gets too great for our server to bear’. Shared to registered users.
      Some Features: Import/Export, Categories, Notes, Bookmark username, Sharing, User blocking, User list/address book, Tags, RSS , Link presentation/Webpage creation using Markdown [example]
      Tools: bookmarklet(post , extract/stripe links from files or web pages.)


    1. Lilisto:[PR4] Social bookmarks using tags. Other users bookmarks can be accessed using ‘smart categories'(rules). Fully functional demo available.
      Some Features: In page edit. Mouseover toolbar. Rating. Notes. Categories, Smart categories with rules witch can include public bookmarks(everyone, mine, not mine), Private/Public. Sorting(A-Z, Most Visited, Least Visited, Rating, added date, visited date) Import is to come…
      Tools: bookmarklet
      What’s special: The ‘smart categories’


    1. memotoo:[PR3] multi social service (bookmarks, addressbook, canlendar, agenda, file storage and editor, ) with mobile support. Bookmarks use folders and are shared giving your friends your URL. Demo avilable.
      [English/French] [API] [forum] [News/RSS]
      Some bookmark Features: Bookmarks shared via rss,xml,html,pdf. Rating, Favicons. Mouseover thumbshots, Import/Export(from IE firefox) and support for the other tools ( ex: address book with import/export outlook, mozilla, palm, Gmail, yahoo, CVS, LDAP access…)
      Tools: Bookmarks are added using an iframe toolbar or a Firefox/IE right click extension. Sidebar. Firefox and Thunderbird extensions for export, import, sync to the other tools. Netvibes and Google personalized modules. Virtual desktop for windows. Webfolder access for files. icalendar, vcalendar and vcard export in calendar and addressbook.


    1. Mobleo: Semi-social bookmarks using tags for mobiles. Allows to share tags with your selected network.


    1. MyBookmarks.com*:[PR5] Shared to registered users.
      Some Features: Folders, public/private, import/export, notes, copy.


    1. MyFavoritesOnline*:[PR3] Shared to registered users though groups. 15€.
      Some Features: Import from IE, Drop-down menu, Folders, Show/Hide Advertisements, Most and Last visited. Can be viewed in the sidebar.
      Tools: Windows programme to import.


    1. My Foxcloud:[PR5] Online bookmark synchronize service. Sharing is planned. Check Foxcloud Wiki for more information.
      Tools: Required Firefox toolbar.


    1. MyWebDesktop.net:[PR6] Multi service with File storage, Bookmark manager, Personal Startpage, Notebook application, Web agent, Messageboard and Instant Messaging. Let’s you manage access rights.


    1. Network Ltd*:[PR4] Network with Social bookmarking using personal and community folders, relative menus appear on the toolbar while browsing. Syteme requirements: MS +2000, IE +5 and Acrobat Reader.
      [Videos Tutorials]
      Some Toolbar Features: Import From IE. Upload and Bookmark local file. Drag and drop Bookmark from Navigator URL to toolbar menu. Lookup. Groups.
      Tools: Required MS IE toolbar.
      What’s special: Community folders. Local file bookmarking.


    1. Nextaris:[PR7] by SurfWax. Multi Service Dashboard. Shared folders with registered users. !!! Will go off line on 7th of September to maybe launch Nextaris2, a Web 2.0 version.
      Some Features: Floders, Tags, Clippings, Save text and images to folders upto 100MB free, RSS, Rename, Archive, picture, Blog, Mail, Address-book. Mobile support… and a lot more. Bookmarking is done manulay, no bookmarklet.
      Intergrated to WikiWax search.


    1. Philoi:[PR4] Non-profit Organisation. Person to person sharing using url/Username.
      Some Features: Tags, Directory, Comments, Rating, Share, Viewed/Unviewed(bold), Fans, Send/Receive links to friends, Rating, Public/private, Community Links, User (with profile page with image and email).
      Tools: Required Firefox toolbar.


    1. SiteBar.org:[PR7] Open Source Bookmark Server using folders. Available in more than 20 languages.
      Some Features: Customizable access, Import/export (Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla/Netscape, Opera, XBEL, RSS, Atom, OPML, RDF) multi-user, multi-group, SSL, Link validation, favicons, notes. See features.
      Tools: Bookmarklet, Toolbar.


    1. StartAid:[PR5] Bookmarks are shared via public groups to registered users.
      Some Features: Start Page, Password protect Categories, Thumbshots, Duplicate Checker, Link Checker, Layout/Appearance configuration, did not see any bookmarklets nor import.
      Tools: Bookmarklet, IE toolbar,Has a demo login(Username : demo, Password : demo).


  1. Zurpy:[PR5] BETA Semi-social Multi service with a simple text-based interface using tags. [Review]
    Some Features: RSS, clippings, feeds, files, Photos, web feeds, friends, has Clear URLs.
    Tools: One bookmarklet for all formats.


Search-Engines with Bookmarking:



    1. A9.com:[PR8]Private bookmarking from search results. You can sign in with your Amazon account.
      Some Features: Folders, History, Diary, Discover, drag and drop from search results. Options like, font size, page style. Possibility to hide parts of the page.
      Tools: Toolbar for Firefox, Netscape, Mozilla and IE. Editing is done one by one.


    1. Ambedo:[PR4] Tag Search engine. Submit, tag links and search engines, can also be used like Yubnub.
      Some Features: Live search results, Inpage edit


    1. AOL Search: Private bookmarking from search results. Dynamic buttons(scissors) that follows the mouse lets you save search results with search history that you can turn on and off, like Google History. You can view the saved bookmarks sorted by date or alphabetically.
      Tools: Toolbar.


    1. bookmach.com / track your favorite subjects via sticky zine & blog search:[PR5] NEW! Social Lets you bookmark search results with a keyword.


    1. BoardTracker:[PR6] BETA by Pidgin Technologies. A very good forums search engine using categories and Tags, let’s you tag search results.
      Some Features: in page add tag. Network support. Tag cloud. RSS notification by Email and IM.


    1. This Web page is parked free, courtesy of GoDaddy.com!:[PR4] BETA Social directory manager. Using the tags and categories, comments and ranking.


    1. Clipfire:[PR7] Social shopping and search, to help the user find the best deals. [Review]
      Some features: Shows the price. Comments, Rating, Copy from public bookmarks (clip)View Popular, Clipped or New. RSS. Encouraged to include an affiliate ID. Affiliated to Amazon, eBay, Travelocity, Best Buy, Overstock.com, and many more.


    1. Decipho: Search engine with Research, shopping and user bookmarks categories to narrow down search results.
      [20/10/06] [Blog/RSS] [video]
      Some features: View rating. Bookmark from search results. Import bookmarks. “challenge rating” against spam. View and edit bookmark notes from search results.
      Tools: Firefox search plugin. Bookmarklet for rating and bookmarking.


    1. Earthlink Favorites*:[PR8] Part of My EarthLink using Tags and folders, where web search is powered by Google and gives the possibility to bookmark from search results with privacy options.
      [05/06] [Blog/RSS] [+17/07/06]
      Tools: bookmarklet. import from HTML
      What’s Special: dropdown menu for protocols


    1. Filangy* :[PR6] BETA Social bookmarking from search results. Personalized Search service with webmarks(bookmarks), archive and notes. Unfortunately adding tags is done one by one, so very slow.
      [01/2006] [Nutch/Lucene] [User]
      Some Features: In page for all actions. Batch managing in advanced mode (Private/Public/Share/Delete/Tag selected items). Search with personalization levels(Off/Medium/High) Search Web/ActiveWeb/WebCache/Bookmarks(WebMarks)/Notes/Tags. Bookmark Search results with preview. ‘Hide pages I have seen’. One click private/public for cache/notes. One click save to secure cache(webCache), Import from (HTML, delicious,rss). Add Tags from search results. Highlight. Notes. Public/Private/Shared to other registered users. Search history. Rating. Groups. Avatar. Option to follow archives of all your visited web-pages. View All/Popular bookmarks, Top Tag Cloud. Add users as contact. Claim and ping.
      Tools: Bookmarklet, Required Toolbar. Import as bookmark or cache(list/HTML/RSS/del.icio.us) Export RSS. Linkroll generator with the possibility to add javascript(Skyscraper/Adwords script, RSSJS…).


    1. Fooxx:[PR4] French, German, Italian and English collaborative search engine, will find everything that conventional search engines have to offer and on top of that, sites which have been searched for and used by other members.
      Some Features: Recommending, Blocking, Bookmarking, Rating And Community groups.
      Tools: Toolbar


    1. Fazzle: Meta search engine with keyword filtering options and social bookmarking from search results.


    1. Gravee:[PR5] BETA Social bookmarking from search results. Collaborative search with bookmarks.
      Some Features: Tags, Thumbshots, Bookmark button that opens an inpage block, for tagging and noting, Claim this ite button, Adshare, Affiliates program (Earn from driven Traffic), Tags, Vote, View Cloud, Alpha or frequency.
      Tools: bookmarklet, Searchbox.


    1. Google History Bookmarks: BETA Private bookmarking from search results. Intergrates with Google Notes.
      Some Features: Add bookmark manully, One click save in your history. Labels, Notes, In page edit. Ability to remove items from history. ‘Trends’ lists your top searches, top sites, most clicked and a shows your activity. Multiple picture upload. Multi language support. Google.com, Google.uk…use the same account, not like Amazon.
      Tools: bookmarklet User made tools: Add to Google Bookmarks bookmarklet by bluedot. Firefox extensions: Google Bookmarks Button, gBrain


    1. I-Spy:[PR4] I-Spy is a community-based Internet meta-search engine that provides you with search results that are informed by similar users. Powered by Google.


    1. Jookster*:[PR6] Update! New Jookster BETA. Now has video, photo and people search.
      Collaborative search with natwork and ranking. Submitting a link to Jooster makes it searchable to you or the public. The Degree of Separations(0-6) are the realtion between the users where 0 will search only though what you have submitted and 6 all Jooksters.[Blog/RSS] [Review] [User]
      Some Features: Search web/profiles/history. Private/public Profile page with Avater and tags. Friends. Message. Batch delete selected. in page create Groups. User profile and other users jook search. 2 click invite friends.
      Tools: bookmarklets(one click add and email) Toolbar. Button. Import from del.icio.us.


    1. Kratia:[PR5] Not bookmarks but By voting in the results, thus giving us feedback about the ones you like and don’t like, we can maintain a better listing and get rid of those spam-filled, illegal, and poor quality websites.


    1. MyAskJeeves*:[PR9] Private bookmarking from search results. Now Blog search has ‘post to’ del.icio.us, digg, newsvine and RSS readers.
      [2005] [Blog/RSS]
      Some Features: One click save button, Tagging, Folders, drop-down menu, import/export, image host with (multiple) upload. Ask.com, Ask.jp…use the same account.
      Tools: bookmarklets(save images, one click bookmark), Toolbar.


    1. Mojeek:[PR5] Let’s you create a custom private or public Search home page.


    1. Onesort: Allows to bookmark search results using tags.


    1. OOZM: (beta) “OOZOOM” – “AWESOME!” wiki based social bookmarking search engine where each wiki page is a list of bookmarks. Now has digg-style voting. [info]


    1. Outfoxed:[PR6] Social network and Personalized human search Based on the Stumbleapon concept.
      Some Features: Network Visualization, friend, rating(good,dangerous), follow other users called Informers, create listings.
      Tools: Requierd Firefox toolbar


    1. PLAZOO:[PR6] Private webfeeds and links bookmarking from search results.
      Some Features: One click bookmark (save/add to ClipBox), RSS for search results, categories,
      Tools: Linkrolls, searchbox


    1. PreFound*:[PR5] Collaborative people powered search engine. Search results lists user groups(folders).
      Some Features: Tags, folders with tree, Groups, Copy edit groups, Rating, Import a specific tag from bookmark file, del.icio.us, Furl or YAhoo!MyWeb in to a specific hierachical directory, where each link, tags and description can be edited. Bookmark username. Advanced search.
      Tools: Toolbar for Firefox(does not currently support version 1.5) and IE that gives features as: Drag and drop. Submit button. Edit/Move Bookmarks. Mouseover bookmark details.


    1. TagBay:[PR4] by Pietro Speroni and Derek Paterson. Let’s you privatly or publicly tag ebay search results. [Blog/RSS]


    1. Spotback: Like social bookmarks using tags where rating is it’s main reason. Any link you rate will be listed in your ratings section.
      Tools: bookmarklet, Rating widgets.


    1. Wink:[PR6] BETA Web 2.0 style Social bookmarking from search results. Tagosphere search-engine(delicious, Digg, Furl, Slashdot, or Yahoo! MyWeb and more to come) with bookmarking and tagging. [Review] [Interview] Update! Have re-designed their UI using Ajax technologies.
      Some Features: Quick save button, Tags, possibility to make public or private collections of links.
      Tools: Bookmarklets, Searchbox, Tagbox for Blogs.


  1. Wikio:[PR2] BETA Web 2.0 style collaborative news with digg-like voting, tags and categories.. French Wikio has launched, still private Beta for English.
    [French/English] [blog.fr] [RSS] [Review] [French review]
    Some features One click add/remove favorites. View by Popularity/date/
    Tools: Netvibes module. Firefox Plugin


Public Bookmarks :



    1. 30daytags.com:[PR5] People powered search that last 30days. Public can Submit, Tag and rate web sites.


    1. Internet Archive:[PR8] The biggest Non profit Public virtual library archiving collections in digital format. Categorized by media type(Webpages, texts, audio, moving images, software.) and using keywords, gives the possibility to bookmark. In parallel, Archive-it.org is an a subscription service including several National Libraries and Archives around the world to create web collections. Update! Bookmark explorer lets users browse other poeples bookmarks.
      [1996] [About] [User]
      Some features: Thumshots. Archive. Download. Podcast player. Rating. Review. Advanced search page(contain/does not contain Title/Creator/Description/Collection/Mediatype/Date+custom, metadata, author…). CC license.
      Tools: Submit to Weybackmachine bookmarklet. Statistics.


    1. Listible!:[PR6] Web 2.0 style service using tags. For listing and voting, where voting (+/-) sorts each items, so the most ‘+voted’ links are at the top of the page. Different from digg-style, the comments are for the hole list. Has tags. In page login(The button by the comments).


    1. Listerlister:[PR6] Same system as Listible! without commenting but has moderation.


    1. reddit.com:[PR7] Social Bookmarks with voting and karma, Network and categories using sub-domains (sub-reddit). Like digg.com, resort higher rated items but also lets you send a message while submitting. See Digg-like apps.
      [2005] [Python] [23 languages] [Index of /] [Index of //RSS] [Wikipedia]


    1. Schoopy Links:[PR3] Online classroom organizer including a link manager, Q&A, quizz, files, assignments and messages.


    1. Supr.c.ilio.us:[PR6] Alpha. Web 2.0 style Public social bookmarks listed in rating order.
      Some Features: Tags, Top Tags list, Rating, See who rated what. Manual add bookmark.


    1. SWiK:[PR7] The Open Software Wiki, Web 2.0 style community driven resource for open source software using Tags, Ajax and Textile markup. Users get their own page where they can add a wiki, a blog, feeds and bookmarks. [Example] [Interview] [No Forwarding URL]


    1. TagTooga: [PR5] Web 2.0 style Social Tag based Internet directory with many features and format support. [review] [API] [ActiveX]
      Some Features: All links and buttons are javascript. Button to view thumbshots. Ajax edit, add and search, order. Collapse/Expand descriptions, Bookmark username. Find a Domain, Tags, Related tags, Hierarchical Categories, Messages, Save page to del.icio.us, Copy to del.icio.us, furl, , simpy, netvouz, blogmarks, jots, scuttle, shadows.com, spurl, backflip. Favicons. Google Adsense support. Search and Domain Search. Private or group(by email settings) tags.
      Tools: Bookmarklet, HTML feeds with advanced options, Linkrolls with thumbshots. MySpace friend import. There’s a nice linkroll with zooming thumbshots.
      What’s special: The hole concept!


  1. Web2list: for web2.0 applications.


And all the public side bookmarks or tag libraries some sites have like chompy.net, LinkDump, link-o-matic, NBCHS, ShootingNZ: Public bookmark manager about shooting sports.
SiteLibrary ~ Bookmarks Parking Directory: A project to organize browser favorites into a searchable bookmarks directory. Provides internet favorites storage, with a quick-add bookmarklet, personalized categories, site descriptions and keywords, search, topic area for crosslinking similar bookmarks, and listings of new, popular, and top-rated sites.
The Link Collection Is Also Online: “Exciting links for boring days in no particular order.” where everybody can submit exciting links.




Social Networks:

(bookmarking, listing, discussions and/or writing.)



    1. Adoppt:[PR5] Community with many tools and social bookmarks. Nice navigation system that pops-up ‘inpage’, very quick.


    1. BlinkBits:[PR6] Web 2.0 style Social Network, linkblog, bookmarks and RSS aggregator. Added: Now also has a digg like button.
      Some Features: Ajax One click copy. Add Bookmark page has Title, description, URL, RSS, Image URL, Tags(topics), Add RSS to userpage or to Blink. Once added it takes you to a page listing it’s relative tags. Bookmark and Blog editor has HTML, BBcode and smilies. Friends, Messages. Add this RSS to Google, MyYahoo, Bloglines, NewsGator, MyMSN, MyAOL, RSS to Email. Bookmark page to del.icio.us, Digg, Furl, Netvouz, reddit, Wink and Yahoo MyWeb
      Tools: 4 bookmarklets: Save, Get RSS feed, Get information from Wikipedia or BlinkBits of the highlighted word, Google toolbar button. RSS feed builder by keyword from wikipedia or BlinkBits with ‘add to your RSS reader’ buttons. RSS2JS Linkroll generator.


    1. Coming Soon!:[PR1] A service that enables to create a new message board on any web page, all messages can be searches and browsed thought the bordee website like social bookmarks.
      [17/09/06] [Index of //RSS]


    1. Boxxet:[PR5] Web 2.0 style Social bookmarks for creating collections, bookmarks, video, images… with digg like voting.


    1. Clipmarks: [PR6] Web 2.0 style community, that lets you chat about clippings and videos. Uses categories, tags and comments. Has re-re-RE styled their interface!
      Lets you clip paragraphs and highlighted text with it’s HTML formatting, images and videos and stick them together.
      [10/05][Ajax/PHP/Rails][Blog/RSS] [User]
      Some features: Live chat with smilies, BBcode and preview as options. Comment email notification. Voting(Pop). Save(copy). BlogThis, Email, Print. Private/Public. Follow user. View My/Public/Popular. Tag RSS feeds. Hide specific user clips. Profile page has: Avatar, IM contact, Website. Dashbord showing popular clips. See what’s been blogged (clip-to-Blogosphere)
      Tools: Required Firefox, Flock and IE one-button-that-does-all extension. Linkroll generator. Clip-to-blog (WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, Movable Type, LiveJournal, Vox.) Embed-this-clip code.


    1. eSnips:[PR4] Social network and secure file hosting for sharing/saving links, files, images, music, video using folders and tags. 1GB free. Now also has a market place.
      [09/2005] [blog] [rss] [No Forwarding URL]
      Some features: Private/Public folders. Profile with ages, avatar, IM
      Tools:Requires Toolbar for bookmarking and clippings. RSS for each folder. Over 20 widgets and buttons of various styles.


    1. Facebook: Famous social network started in February 2004, originally for high schools, colleges, universities now open to everyone, have now added social bookmarking (beta) since 24 october 2006 with images and comments.[via]
      [24/10/06] [Wikipedia] [Index of //RSS] [API]
      Some features: Profile with avatar, time zone, mob. Privacy settings. Contact manager. Messages. Groups. Photos. Disscussion board. Sydication. RSS. Notes. Mobile support.
      Tools: bookmarklet. 3rd party tools such as Firefox extension [link], Greasemonkey scripts [Link] and many more.


    1. Fanpop: Beta. Social network with topics and be fans with link submission by ‘spot’ (topic groups) using categories and tags. [Ruby on Rails/JS] [02/08/06] [Review]
      Some features: Forums, syndicated headlines, for each ‘spot’. One click in page join group. One click rate and change rating. Custom banner and icons for spot creations. Internal massages. Very complete profile with address, gender, age, avatar, website, preferred book, movie… Optional iframe toolbar browsing.
      Bookmarks for links, videos, music with rating, comments, content types, tags and descriptions.
      Tools: ???


    1. FARK:[PR8] Community with public bookmarks by category, sumbit and comments.


    1. folkd:[PR6] Web 2.0 style Social Network and Bookmarks using Tags, folders and voting. (also listed under digg style) [22/07/06] [English/German/French/Spanish] [Review] [Blog/RSS] [+23/07/06]
      Some features: Notes. Internal messages. Media storage and player. Possibility to hide different languges. Item moderation like digg.com(spam, duplicate…) Action Tags[info]
      Tools: Required sidebar extension


    1. Gabbr:[PR6] Social News community with comments. You don’t have to register to comment.


    1. Gather:[PR6] Community to share stories with tags, rating, comments and where their advertising revenue is shared. Has a live search box.


    1. Hivelive:[PR2] Private Beta, by invitation. Social Network and information manager with bookmarks, notes, account … using tags.
      [4/07/06] [Microformats] [API] [Review]


    1. Jeteye:[PR6] BETA Collaborative search. This is a bit different as there are no ways to categorize, relies on search. Interface and many updates have been done!
      Some Features: Create Jetpacks(A collection/listing of links, notes and images that can be saved, searched, shared or kept private), Scrapbook, Rating, Comments, Annotation, Friends, Control who sees their Jetpacks.
      Tools: required Firefox extension, Yahoo IM plug-ind enabling drag and drop.


    1. Lycos IQ:[PR6] (beta) One of Lycos.co.uk Web 2.0 style Social network services including Q&A, email, chat..and social bookmarks using tags.
      [04/2006] [Blog/RSS]
      Some features: Private/Friends/Public Search All/Q&A/Bookmarks/Members. Search Tags. Related Tags. 2 Click copy keeping tags. RSS. Automatic title extraction. Tags suggestion. Possibility to add bookmarks as ‘top’, like favorites.
      Tools: bookmarklet(pop up)


    1. NowPublic :[PR6] by Michael Tippett. Web 2.0 style Social network with bookmarks, photos, video, blogging service using Tags. Interface is quite original, bookmarks opens original page in an iframe with menu placement options, users can edit tags, add comments, photos, RSS, post to del.icio.us, digg this… Update! IE/Firefox extension with highlight feature [info] [Blog/RSS]
      Tools: bookmarklet.


    1. Multiply:[PR7] Social Network using tags, one page for everything with blogging, calendar, shreduls, reviews, album photo, videos and bookmarking collections.
      [06/04] [Blog/RSS] [user]


    1. Otavo:[PR5] BETA. Web 2.0 style Community for quests with blogging and tagging. Quests can be answered either by comments or by submitting a link. Is now PUBLIC Beta![via]
      [2006] [xFolk] [Review] [User]
      Some features: Tags, Ajax Spell checker, Comments with HTML support…
      Tools: inpage bookmarklet. Blog linkroll widgets and badges.


    1. Searchles.com:[PR5] Web 2.0 style Social Bookmarks and Network using Tags.
      Some Features: Groups. Rating. Report Spam. Search Text/Tag My/Profile/All bookmarks. One by one tagging. Internal mail. Avatar
      Tools: Bookmarklet. My/Friends Tag Cloud widget


    1. Squidoo :[PR7] Web 2.0 style Social Network for creating ‘lenses’ for any subject, a kind of topic page, with drag and drop sorting for links.
      [Blog/RSS] [Review] [Wikipedia] [Interview] [User]
      Tools: bookmarklet Toolbar. WordPress widget. Buttons generator.


    1. StumbleUpon:[PR7] Web 2.0 style Social Network for recommending with ratings, tags and user tag clouds.
      Tools: Required Extension.


  1. Zimbio:[PR6] Public community portal gathering information on any subject. See example
    Tools: bookmarklet, badges


Format/Subject Specific:



    1. 43 Things [PR8], 43 Place[PR8] , 43 People [PR6] : Are social wishlists for things, places and


    1. All Consuming: [PR7] For listing books, music, movies, food and other items using tags. Items are to be marked as consumed, to consume or consuming. 43 Things, 43 Places, 43 People automatically create an All Consuming account.


    1. Welcome to monikersearch.com:[PR4] Social book manager with loaning, mobile, language support using keywords.


    1. Bookmarks.linuxquestions.org:[PR3] Social Bookmarking, tagging and annotating all things Linux and Open Source.


    1. Bookswellread:[PR4] for books using tags.


    1. Cash Advance Bookmarks : Simple text-based Social bookmarks for cash advances related bookmarks.


    1. Chainreading:[PR5] for books using tags, has a nice full interface.


    1. Colib:[PR4] Closed beta, for books, music & videos using tags.


    1. Corkd:[PR7] Public. For reviewing and catalogging wine.


    1. Deligio : NEW! For managing downloads (software, tutorials…) – uses tags.


    1. Desiresin : Social bookmarks for shopping using tags and images.


    1. Gifttagging:[PR5] To create lists of shopping items using tags.
      Some features: RSS feeds for lists. Search lists.
      Tools: Bookmarklet. Linkroll generator


    1. H2O Playlist:[PR5] BETA. Open source Social lists (playlists) with tags and hyperlinks. For ideas, books, articles… where each item is interlinked intended for educational pupose.
      Some features: Send. Print. comment. Option to define as syllabus course. Create groups inside lists. Sort/Reorder items. Private/CC Publish. Lists are tagged where each items have title, author, URL and desciption. Copy checked items to new or other list. View lists that use the same item/ the same tag/ have the same influence.
      Tools: RSS/IPL/OPML


    1. Junklog:[PR5] For logging and reviewing books using tags, simple nice interface.


    1. Kaboodle:[PR6] Web 2.0 style Social bookmarks for creating collections, shopping items using tags. Privacy settings are set to the hole collection. Default collections are: Shopping, Travel, Top picks, Wishlist, Collectibles and Other.
      [JS/Ajax] [Blog]
      Some features: Search items or collections(called pages). Resort items. Collection editor. Bookmark edit/copy page has: A choice of thumbshots to choose from or the possibility to enter an image URL, Tags, add to category or create category with Privacy settings. Collection page has: Email page, Add/remove comments, Copy, watch page, print and report abuse. Profile with Avatar.
      Tools: Bookmarklet with metadata extraction. Firefox extension. Customizable Badge generator.


    1. KidLinkz:[PR4] Network and bookmarks managed by parents for kids.


    1. Koolweb2:[PR4] Public submission of web application using categories and drag and drop sorting for rating.


    1. lib.rario.us – social media cataloging:[PR5] social media cataloging, Books, DVDs, CDs… with tags, rating and comments.


    1. LibraryThing:[PR7] Beta. For cataloging books with cover thumbnail, ISBN or LC Call Number. Mobile support. Search though many online libraries and linked to several book swapping services.
      [29/08/2005] [API] [Blog/RSS] [Tag/User]
      Tools: bookmarklet. Firefox Extension. Widget. Chicklets. Export to CVS. Import from file(txt/cvs,xml,html,rtf…), Extract from webpage.


    1. Listal [PR6] Cataloging , Rate and tag books, music, games, movies and DVDs [Blog/RSS]


    1. Lists of Bests:[PR7] For listing books, music, movies, places, people and more. Each list belongs to one user and can be also used as a todo list. Can update with 43 Things, 43 Place, 43 People or All Consuming account Lists.


    1. MyPickList.com:[PR5] invitation-only beta mode. List, Share and Recommend Anything, from Anywhere.


    1. MyProgs:[PR6] by Synergy Matters: Software applications and their link to the website.


    1. Ning Bookshelf:[PR6] One of Ning’s application for rating and reviewing books, links to Amazone. See all clones. See Ning


    1. Reader²:[PR6] by Synergy Matters. Books with direct links to online shops.


    1. Scribble:[PR6] Centralized categorizable bookmark list page, accessible everywhere and is available to all artypapers members.
      Some Features: drag and drop for sorting. Send bookmark to other users.
      Tools: Bookmarklet


    1. Squirl:[PR6] Web 2.0 service for managing collections of books, photos, movies…
      Some Features: One click add from Amazon. Privacy settings. RSS.


    1. Stuffopolis:[PR5] Simple secure sharing of books, music.. using tags.


    1. Stylehive (ALPHA):[PR6] Web2.0 style Social bookmarks with tags and images focused on products and shopping. New: Import contacts from Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, MSN Hotmail and Outlook. [Blog/RSS] [Review] [Interview]
      Some Features: Bookmarking conests. Email/Send. Wishlist tag listing. View bookmark’s/User’s tags and active users. Related tags. Tag RSS. Add and copy bookmark page have Collected tags and images from the page. Insert selected text. Comments, Price in many currencies, dtae, time, address, tags, for(For who the item is for). Profile page has: Name, Avatar, URL, Contry, Year of birth, Gender, Postal Code, Phone number, comment and preference listing many languages.
      Tools: Bookmarklet(with copy highlighted text feature) Widget and Typepad widget.
      What’s special: Possibility to add multiple images of nearly any size, giving Stylehive a gallery impression. Copying a bookmark enables to choose other images.


    1. Techcheatsheets:[PR5] Public bookmarks for cheatsheets using tags, no login is required for rating. Manual submission.
      [Ruby on Rails]


    1. Techdeals.net:[PR5] For deals, using the wordpress plugin flow.phpwebhosting.com – fast, cheap webhosting web host with php, mysql, php3.


    1. ThisNext:[PR3] Social network to discover, recommend, create list and wishlists for shopping items, uses images, tags and kudos.
      [21/08/2006] [Index of //RSS]
      Tools: Bookmarklet. Widget for any tag or list.


    1. What Should I Read Next:[PR6] book recommendations using tags.


    1. TheThingsIWant:[PR5] Wishlisting with photos.


    1. WikiMatrix:[PR6] Search, submit, compare and wiki engines.


    1. TheThingsIWant:[PR5] Wishlisting with tags, big photos and prices.


    1. Wists:[PR6] Social Shopping with images and tags. Wists also powers CribeCandy and PopGloss as part of the Wists shopping blog network.
      [21/08/2006] [Video tutorial]] [API] [Index of //RSS] [user/tag/user RSS]
      Some Features: Description. Tags. Choose an Image or thumbshot. Address with maps. Copy. Edit. 2 click delete. See 1st bookmarker. Mail this. Add to follow(favorites). Private/Public. View popular/related tags.
      Tools: bookmarklets. RSS. Internet Explorer Right-Click. 7 Simple or scrolling Widgets.


  1. Yummy!:[PR5] PDF Library using tags.


Web Annotations or Clips:

(Annotations require extensions)



    1. Annotea project:[PR9] Server and client project. Annotea is a W3C LEAD, Web annotations, bookmarks, and their combinations. The idea is to store annotations as RDF on a server using XPointer. It is used in many project such as Anonzilla and Annotea Ubimarks for Mozilla browsers, W3C’s browser Amaya… see all related projects.


    1. ButterFly:[PR5] See under Social Bookmarks.


    1. cl1p.net – The internet clipboard:[PR6] Online pastboard that can be kept from 1 hour to 2 week and ‘as long as possible’. Easy create one just by entering ‘http://cl1p.net/what-you-want’. Let’s you create a notebook, discuss, upload a file (max 2MB), link between them and password protect it. [example]


    1. clip clip, do do, share share : clipclip:[PR4] Social Web Clippings using tags. Clippings keep HTML formatting.
      Tools: bookmarklet


    1. Clipmarks:[PR6] See under communities.


    1. eSnips:[PR4] Clippings. See under communities.


    1. Error Page:[PR5] Private bookmarks with text clipping.
      Tools: bookmarklet supporting selected text.


    1. Diigo:[PR4] Does not requier an extension. See under Social Bookmark Managers.


    1. Evernote:[PR6] Not social, note taking application. The EverNote Clippers, Mozilla Firefox & Thunderbird extensions, enables web clipping. Free and trial version available.
      [Video tutorial]


    1. Fleck: Collaborative annotations. Account not requied.
      Some features:
      Tools: bookmarklet. Firefox and IE extensions. Has also the ability to create annotation using the Fleck Homepage.


    1. Gibeo Network:[PR6] Semi-social Network Annotation service. Does not requier an extension. Supported in Fagan Finder’s URLinfo.
      Some features: Basic(has ads), Premier(no ads) and Platinum membership(more features). Entering .gibeo.net at the end of the URL enter annotation mode. Comments. Search by keyword and URL. Friends grouping, privacy settings, forwards by email or IM.
      To come: reviewer and editorial service
      Tools: bookmarklet Bookmarklet annotation menu options: 8 colors, smilies, rss icon, search Google, Share, weather by zip code, option to have a simple text based menu.


    1. GoodNotes:[PR3] Requires Firefox sidebar extension.
      Tools: bookmarklet


    1. Google Notebook:[PR7] New One of Google labs products that lets you annotate, clip text, images. Google search results have a ‘note this’ button that will popup a small in page div for adding and editing previous notes.[review]
      Some Features: One click add notebook from search results. One click add note manualy. One click add notebook. 2 click make public. One click print to PDF and HTML. Notes with expande/collaps, WYSIWYG editor. Search my/public notebooks + Google web search.
      Tools: Extension


    1. instantNotes:[PR5] BETA 1 year $9.99 5 – users $19.99.
      Tools: bookmarklet


    1. iMarkup:[PR4] Sticky notes for Internet Explorer version 4 and 5 only. Price: $39.00
      Tools: Required Toolar


    1. Internote:[PR5] Firefox extension for Mac os X to create private stickies, supports notes on URLs such as Gmail using wildcards.
      [English/Chinese/Croatian/Danish/Dutch/French/German/Italian/Brazilian Portuguese, Russian/Slovak/Slovenian/Spanish] [Alternative link] [Blog] [RSS]


    1. Macropool Web Reasearch: Internet Explorer Add-on for Internet Research and Information Gathering for Wndows, clipping, selection screenshots… Requires IE/mozilla/Opera extension. 30 days trial.


    1. Mystickies:[PR6] Web post-its. Sharing is planned.
      Tools: bookmarklet


    1. Netmite:[PR5] Social network and chat, enable users to comment and chat about a webpage.
      Tools: IE and Firefox Extension.


    1. Netsnippets: Online information management with annotation support. Free, Standard, Professional or Entreprise Versions. Requires IE/mozilla extension.


    1. Notefish:[PR3] Semi-Social Clipping for creating projects with drag and drop, color setting, options to print and share. See example.
      Tools: Required FireFox and IE Toolbar


    1. Onfolio: acquired by Microsoft. Requires Windows Live toolbar extension and Microsoft IE +6. Bookmarks, clipping, clipboard, RSS support and more, see features.


    1. Quickbrowse:[PR6] Semi-social for clipping bits and pieces into one webpage. Shared by email.
      Tools: bookmarklet


    1. SiteSay:[PR3] Firefox extension and website that let’s user leave notes on any webpage.


    1. Snip!t.org:[PR5] Social web clips and notes. Has a public directory, RSS support and reordering of snips.
      Tools: bookmarklet, toolbar(?)


    1. Stickis: by activeweave. Social RSS reader where one can add stickies with tags to webpages.
      [21/08/2006] [Index of //RSS]
      Some Features: Network. View stickies on webpage or view notes only. Blogging support. Faward stickies. Feed alerts.
      Tools: Required Toolbar (IE/Firefox). Import/Export OPML.


    1. Surfulater:[PR5] Software for web and local clipping, bookmarking, information manager, search. Price 35$
      Tools: Firefox extension


    1. Trailfire:[PR2] Annotate with HTML support (object, img…) and let visitors follow the trail you created. Each annotation comtains an email, next and previous button.
      Tools: Required Firefox/IE Extension to create trails (not required for trail followers)


    1. LiveURLs and Web-Marker:[PR5] Firefox Extensions. LiveURLs let’s you link to a specific portion of a webpage to share it with other LiveURL users, like annotation highlighting.


    1. Warichu: (Formaly Diginote) Social annoation and bookmarking.
      Some features: Public/private, HTML support, Email, Side note pannel, Collaborative notes (chat)
      Tools: Firefox and IE Extension.


    1. Wikalong:[PR6] Lets you take notes and disscuss.
      Tools: Firefox Extension


    1. Wizlite:[PR5] Web 2.0 style Social Highlighting. There’s a yellow highlight Speedy’s Sand Box Homepage! but you can customize to any color. I tested it with Clipmarks, the highlights were saved! This maybe be used as a side tool for many services.
      Tools: bookmarklet.


  1. Webmorizer:[PR5] Semi-social. Stores web documents and any highlights or notes added by its users. Trial request by email.
    Tools: Required Toolar for Internet Explorer (IE) version 6.0 or higher on Windows 98 – XP.


Special Bookmarking:



    1. ClaimID:[PR6] Web 2.0 service that lets you manage your online identity by bookmarking or saving a cache copy of anything that relates to you. This also enables to log in to LiveJournal, TypeKey and Zooomr using your ClaimID URL.
      Some features: Tags, categories, cache copy, notes, profile page, Private/Public, descriptions, date, advanced profile with a Microformats hacard
      [25/02/06] [MicroID/OpenID] [Blog/RSS] [MailingList]


    1. co.mments:[PR6] Social service to centralize comments, you bookmark and tag comment pages to follow them at co.mment. [Index of //RSS]
      Tools: bookmarklet. Firefox Extension (IE coming soon) Blog widget.


    1. coComment:[PR7] Social commenting system that bookmarks and follows comments you’ve made on blogs. [Index of //RSS]
      Tools: bookmarklet


    1. Givealink.org*:[PR6] Here bookmarks are analyzed to ‘build a new generation of Web mining techniques’. 06/2006: Everything has been rebuilt!() Gives the possibility to download database snapshot in MatLab or TXT format. See projects.
      Some features: Batch move/delete/copy/download selected bookmarks. Import or donat annynomouly. Search related or new links by keyword or URL.
      [FAQ] [Review]
      Tools: bookmarklet(pop up/non-pop up) RSS for top links, similar to PageRank, and search results.
      What’s special: The ability to download only selected bookmarks.


    1. Server Status:[PR6] Social bookmark service that uses tags and can archive a hole website.
      Tools: bookmarklet(iframe). WordPress plugin.


    1. Ning:[PR7] Web 2.0 Service for creating, cloning, customizing and sharing online applications using tags and built in search. Ning Bookmarks is one of them, see all cloned bookmark applications. Also has Ning Comment. You can sign in and use it like any other social service. : Now has global network support (make friend, message…). Option to add Advertising to user pages.
      [10/2005] [PHP/JS] [RSS/ATOM/OPML/JSON] [API] [Blog/RSS] [TechBlog] [User]


    1. MyTago:[PR5] Special kind of social bookmarks for mobiles using tags, related to RQ-codes.


    1. MediaMatrix:[PR7] for allows users to isolate, segment, and annotate digital media.
      Tools: bookmarklet, right click for IE


  1. Simile:[PR8] Semantic Interoperability of Meta-data and Information in unLike Environments is a project conducted by the W3C, MIT Libraries, and MIT CSAIL. The bookmarks are stored in what they call the Semantic Bank. Has tagging, categories(type), can combine information, map embedding, share, can view stats. Required Piggy Bank Firefox extension and registering is done automatically when you install the toolbar.







    1. http://www.cosmosing.com/bookmark/index.php [pr4] Nice digg style bookmarking site with a lovely front page.


    1. Cosmosing / Published: [PR4] a dig style submit page with a nice home page.


    1. adaptiveblue:[PR3] Private BETA. Firefox extension that let’s you bookmark and tag localy with sychonization between multiple computers.


    1. ensiting!: Social bookmarking for sending links. Sign-in requiered for additinal features.
      Tools: Firefox entension. Bookmarklet, Blog widget.


    1. Fazed: Forum community with Social bookmarking using categories.


    1. ifaves: Private and collaborative bookmarks with clustered tags: an account can be shared among several users.
      Some features: Notes, advanced bookmark options have add feed URL. Bookmark image. Email bookmark. comtact manager. Import/Export
      Tools: bookmarklet


    1. LeapTag:NEW! Firefox discovery extension. Tag pages you like to let it learns what you like…
      [09/2006][Video explanation]


    1. LifeLogger:[PR4] Blogging platform and community with bookmarking and tags, were even their navigation menu uses a Tag Cloud. Many blogging platforms have bookmarks(Opera, MSN…) or links but Lifelogger has a global search engine for them.


    1. MochiMention: A bit like riffs. Submit, rate and comment anything, links, videos, musi…


    1. myComments:[PR5] every time you post a comment in any blog that has the plugin installed, myComments alerts via RSS all the other conversation members.


    1. mynoteIT:[PR5] Online class rooms. (Groups, classes, calendar, shredules…) Has shared internal bookmarks.


    1. Riffs:[PR6] by ATTAP Technologies. Social Network, Recommending, Voting, WYSIWYG editor commenting, Chat.. with search Like minded poeple, Suggest based on Itunes library, import from del.icio.us, and drag and drop.
      [11/2005] [Blog/RSS] [User]
      Tools: bookmarklet. widget iTunes recomnde for windows. RSS for each item.
      Spotback: Like social bookmarks using tags where rating is it’s main reason. Any link you rate will be listed in your ratings section.
      Tools: bookmarklet, Rating widgets.


    1. Tagos:[PR3] web application for categorizing information using tags, supports links.


    1. Tagworld Bookmarks:[PR2] Part of Tagworld, Social bookmarks with private/network/public bookmarks and digg like voting … also available as TagWorld Blog widget.[+15/07/06]


    1. Stufflinker:[PR4] BETA Mobile social bookmarks using tags, rating, messages, search, private and public bookmarks.


    1. Yubnub:[PR6] Has never been said to be social bookmarks, but come to think of it: Everybody can submit their smart bookmarks. (Smart as in Firefox Smart Boomarks.)


    1. Windows Live Favorites*:[PR7] BETA. There’s a social side to Microsoft’s bookmark manager (Folders and optional Tags), where ‘Sharing’ means publishing to Windows live Spaces Network weblog. Note: There is no way to search only public bookmarks. example
      [06/06] [JS/Ajax/ASP] [Blog] [Live.com API]
      Some Features: Quick one click delete. Export to file. Import requiers ActiveX Control, hence works only on a MS Windows system. Live Seach for personal boomarks, no public search. Drop-down menus. View: Top favotites/Title/TAgs/shared/Last modified/Address. View List or details. All views have Sort and revers sort.
      Tools: bookmarklet[link] MSN Spaces toolbar has Live Favorites support. Windows Live module.
      What’s special: Good sorting capabilities. Live search. in page iframe preview.


  1. World Forum: Web2.0 in page chat/forum system that creats drag and drop bubbles to any page.
    Some features: HTML, Smileys, images, private messaging, Rating. RSS
    Tools: Bookmarklet.


Other Languages:



    1. (x)batumark.com: Japanese text-based.


    1. 365Key:[PR6] Chinese


    1. Refreshing to welcome page…: NEW! Brazilian social bookmarks using tags. [+11/04/07]


    1. Alltagz: German social bookmarks using tags. [+16/07/06]


    1. Baqoo:[PR4] Japanese, using tags and thumbshots.[+16/06/06]


    1. BLINK: Japanese version of BlinkPro.


    1. Bokee:[PR7] Chinese multi service with weblogs and bookmarks and blogging.(-at least I think: It’s integrated in Flock, so it must bookmark.)


    1. BlogPeople Tags:[PR4] Japanese. Poeple powered search with bookmarking and tagging.


    1. BobrDobr.ru: Russian.[+10/02/07]


    1. Bookmacro :[PR3] Japanses with drag and drop for managing iTunes favorits.


    1. Bookmarks.fr: French, text-based. [+16/06/06]


    1. bookuma:[PR3] Japanese for mobiles using tags.


    1. bukkuma-ku no mori:[PR5] Japanese social bookmarks.


    1. CoRich:[PR4] Japanese social network including social bookmarks and a social news like digg called CoRich Newsclip.


    1. Favolink:[PR4] French social bookmarks


    1. Favorites:[PR4] Chinese social bookmarks using tags.


    1. Favr.nl: Beta, dutch social bookmarks with rating.


    1. flash-clip:[PR4] Japanese with Tags and Thumnshots.


    1. The English Department at Florida State University:[PR2] Japanese social bookmarks with Thumbshots.


    1. Fisz.nl: Dutch, simple text based social bookmarks.


    1. Flog:[PR5] (Frog) Japanese multi service with bookmark Thumbshots.


    1. Gootza:[PR5] French for recomendations


    1. HotPhpper:[PR3] Japanese social bookmarks for PHP


    1. / – icio.de:[PR5] German social bookmarks.


    1. INEFFABILE | Social Bookmarks |:[PR4] italan social bookmarks using categories and tags.[+27/07/06]


    1. JoltMark:[PR4] Japanese social bookmarks with drag and drop by liveoor.com. [Index of //RSS] [+11/11/2005]


    1. karigane:[PR3] Japanese, text-based with Tags.


    1. Hatena:[PR7] Popular Multi Japanese service. It has a lot of user made tools and bookmarklets. (ex. Alpha Clipper Clips, MixClips, mocchira.breeze.) See Hatena’s smart URL system. [+11/02/2005] [News/RSS] [User]


    1. HemiDemi:[PR4] Chinese, still Beta. Don’t think it has an import feature.


    1. kopikol.net:[PR6] French, public social bookmarks


    1. leze.de:[PR5] German popular Scuttle


    1. limpe.de: Salveaza, impartaseste si clasifica link-urile favorite:[PR4] Romanian using tags, thumbshots, in page music player.


    1. linkBlog:[PR4] Dutch and Brasilian Portuguese public with tags.


    1. LinkMeter:[PR3] German.


    1. Linkologia:[PR4] Polish.


    1. LinkStore: Russian. [+10/02/07]


    1. LiveBm:[PR4] German.


    1. ListFreak:[PR4] Japanese for listing


    1. livedoor lislog:[PR6] Japanese, like listible. [via]


    1. MM/Memo:[PR6] Japanes Social bookmarks with amazon support, account opens with a Typekey.


    1. MesFavs:[PR4] French Scuttle


    1. Ãœbersicht | mister-wong.de | Social Bookmarking Tool:[PR5] German Social bookmarks with tagging


    1. MoëMesto.ru: Russian. [+10/02/07]


    1. NiftyClip:[PR5] Japanese, Tags using Ajax [via][+16/06/06]


    1. Okiniiri-zu:[PR2] Japanese social bookmarks using Tags.


    1. Oneview:[PR5] German social bookmark and community


    1. phigita.net:[PR5] Greek and English service for collecting and shareing knowledge, but seems mainly used by Greek users.


    1. PingKing:[PR5] Japanese, social bookmarks with rating a bit like digg.


    1. Pookmark Airlines: NEW! Japanese with thumbshots. “Airlines” as travel around the web.[+04/01/07]


    1. RSS drecom:[PR5] Japanese, Aggregator and clipping using Tags. [+16/06/06]


    1. RBOOKMARK:[PR3] Japanese private clippings


    1. Saaf bookmark Japanese, tags and images or thumbshots.[+14/12/06]


    1. Segnalo:[PR6] Italian social bookmarks with tags.


    1. SocialDust:[PR4] Italian


    1. Snippy:[PR4] Japanese Social bookmarks.


    1. Socialtunes:[PR5] Japanes for Amazon.co.jp products bookmarking with thumbshots.


    1. synClick: Japanese, with favicons. [+14/12/06]


    1. tag.artefact:[PR4] Swiss German Scuttle


    1. Ãœbersicht | mister-wong.de | Social Bookmarking Tool:[PR4] German.


    1. TagMos:[PR4] Dutch Scuttle with thumbshots


    1. TagSpot: Polish social bookmarks using tags.


    1. TagSpot Video: Polish social bookmarks for videos using tags.


    1. Textnotes:[PR4] German Social Bookmarks and annotation.


    1. toodoo » Ð?айди Ñ?воих!: NEW! Russian community with bookmark star rating. [21/03/07]


    1. Wat vinden wij over:[PR5] Dutch, public with Tags and Thumbshots. Quite nice,


    1. web2list.cn:[PR5] Chinese, like Web 2.0 – Web2.0List, public collecting of web 2.0 applications..


    1. webarchives folksonomy:[PR3] Japanese, tags bookmarks, media and any file format. [via]


    1. Webshots – Photo Sharing, Free Wallpaper and Free Screensavers:[PR4] Japanese social bookmarks with Thumbshots.


    1. Wykop:[PR4] Polish social bookmarks with Gavatars.


    1. Xoolyx News:[PR4] French, collaborative news site like CommonTimes or Wikio


  1. Zenlog α:[PR3] Japanes Social Bookmarks and aggregator (public).

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