SEO Tips #1 Keyword Research

SEO Tips #1 Keyword Research – I had no idea how important keyword research has become, for example as a new person with your first site, let’s say you are promoting skateboards, your first thought would be to use the keyword “skateboards” right? Well that is not the best thing to do because that keyword has entirely to much competition so what you want to do is find a niche in that category like “skateboard trucks” or “skateboard wheels” your chances greatly increase of getting better rankings under a niche product. I would recommend using a keyword tool, there are plenty of them on the internet, one that I use is Google Keyword Tool and do some research, you will be surprised some of the search terms you use will not generate any traffic according to the keyword tool. If you are doing Pay Per Click or PPC campaigns the tool will tell you the average CPC or Cost Per Click, this will help you determine your budget’s for the campaign.

Also when you find a keyword or phrase, try and choose a domain name or URL with the keyword included, for example let’s say your keyword is “student loans” so your URL would be something like or this will greatly increase your ranking ability.

These 2 tips alone will take some time, I have spent hours and hours on the keyword tool searching for niche phrases, it does take some work but the results are so helpful, it actually saves you time and money on wasted keywords. Just think of all the time you would put into making a website and finding out at the end that your keyword gets no traffic on the search engines.

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